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Your website user experience can be improved fast with these tips

In today’s competitive and rapidly evolving world of digital marketing, your company’s website can be your most valuable asset. But as technology continues to change, your website can quickly feel dated and out of synch with the user-experience your customers expect. If you were interested in our recent article listing five ways to improve your customers’ experience with your website if don’t have the cash or time to invest, here are our next five helpful hints.

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1. Add Hyperlink Differentiation

Links act as visual cues for your users, so make them easy to identify by underlining them or highlighting them with coloured text. For example, it has been shown that people expect blue, underlined text to indicate a link so will press on it – this isn’t rocket science, just stick to what works!

2. Use Images Selectively

People have got very good at spotting generic, stock images on web pages and this association does not work well for a website. Pick original images that speak about your brand and values and use them strategically to enhance your content.

3. Use Clear ‘Calls to Action’

The users of your website are accustomed to reacting to visual cues to scan for the content they are interested in. ‘Calls to action’ can be used to guide and prompt your customers – your choice of colour and wording will have a marked psychological effect on the behaviour of users as they navigate round your site, so it is worth investing time in understanding this. If you were to consider a partial or complete website redesign to improve your user experience in this area, refer to the information available online.

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4. Be Consistent

This simply means make sure everything matches throughout your website – use consistent font sizes, menu layouts, heading size, colour coding, spacing, illustration styles and so on, to give a coherent and recognisable design.  Also make sure any content you have is industry relevant by contacting specialists like an Belfast SEO company at websites such as ryco marketing.

  1. Be Mobile-Friendly

    Finally, it is vital that your site is mobile-friendly and performs well on any screen size. Google now penalises sites that aren’t optimised for mobile, so this is probably the single most important thing to think about if you want to improve your user experience.

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