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WordPress plugins for Integration with Pushover

Pushover is a powerful service that makes it easy to get real-time notifications on your iOS or Android device. Various web services already offer integration with applications Pushover. These four plugins allow you to add support for WordPress Pushover:

WordPress plugins

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Pushover Notifications

Pushover Notifications allows your WordPress site send notifications to your iOS / Android device when new shares on the web. It supports notifications for new registered users, comments, pingback / trackback, updates of plugins, themes and other events.

Pushover for WooCommerce

Pushover Notifications integrates with WooCommerce with Pushoever application for iOS / Android. You can get notifications of a new purchase, when under the stock, on backorder, and more various actions notifications.

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms lets you create sophisticated forms with a drag and drop interface . It supports Pushover, so you can get real-time notifications when a form is submitted.

Login Alert Notification

Login Alert Notification is a simple plugin that sends us notifications when someone is trying to access the login page. The downside of this plugin is not updated since 2013 and do not know if it has ceased to have support from the developer.

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