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Types of content to attract traffic to your business website

What types of content should you generate to attract traffic to your company’s website? Are all the contents equally useful to attract visitors to your website?

At Gadae Netweb we would like to explain some things about content that not everyone knows. And is that not all types of content will help you in the same way.

What types of content can attract traffic to your business

When we talk about content, we are talking about something very general. They can be texts, images, or videos. Although what these elements have in common is the utility for a certain type of audience or customer profile.

These different types of content can also be disseminated through different channels. There are content for the blog, content for social networks, or even content for e-mails. And depending on the channel to which they are destined, they will have some characteristics or others.

However, one of the great advantages of the network is that we can generate multimedia content. That is, if you create a video tutorial for your business, you can integrate it into a post on your blog or on a landing page. Or if you create an infographic, you can spread it on Twitter, Linkedin or even your own blog.

The contents also vary in format. For example, there are many types of textual content: blog articles, ebooks, e-mails, images … Each differs in size, style and may even be packaged in a file or not.

content to attract traffic to your business website

Each content has its channel, and each channel its content

The mistake that many people make is that they use a type of content that is not convenient for a particular channel. For example, it publishes a post of 1500 words of a blog directly on Facebook, just like that. Such large content in a social network that is not intended to copy and paste text bricks do not usually generate a good image.

And of this we would also have to talk a lot when talking about the positioning of your business website: it is not convenient to copy and paste content happily. It is always more appropriate to create variations, or to cure contents, that is, to transform the content that was created in a certain format and for a specific channel so that it adapts to the nature of another channel.

What types of content attract more and are more effective?

We can not give you a clear answer, because it depends on many factors. In fact, the best option is not to bet on one type of content and completely forget about another, but to integrate different tools and work them in depth to generate a varied content.

However, what you should have clear is that to create content you need a strategy. I mean, what do you want to achieve? What are your goals? If you do not know where you want to go, you may start to generate content without rhyme or reason in social networks, without really ever seeing any concrete results.

Channels and contents

The most important thing is to define what your business objectives are and understand what each channel is oriented to.

  • For example, the blog tends to be the central column or the locomotive of your project. When creating content in your blog, you can share it in social networks (share, not copy and paste the whole post). You can also attract traffic through Google. Or you can send an e-mail to your list of subscribers by entering the subject you are talking about in the post.
  • Social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter, are more focused on the dissemination of content, although today they can also be used as online advertising channels. The organic contents of these channels are not oriented to the sale, since the user of the social networks is not generally in “buy mode”. You want and value the information, but you will not buy impulsively, or you will only buy a low percentage.
  • The e-mail marketing is usually a much more effective tool than social media selling. And this is because the user who receives your emails, normally, is already someone who knows you and who, in fact, have subscribed to your mailing list because he is really interested. Although we should not fall for spam, it is a good system to convert visits to real customers.


More than asking you what are the most effective content to attract visitors, focus on a content strategy that can attract traffic and turn that traffic into a customer.

I mean, it’s no use having 1000 likes on Facebook, if you can not interact with them. It’s no use having 1000 visits a day if you do not have your pages optimized to sell.

And always keeping in mind that only a percentage of all your visitors are going to buy your product or service. Generally, between 1 and 3%, although it depends on many factors.

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