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Tips for creating a blog as a way to find work

Introduce your professional profile through a blog that supports your knowledge and skills

A professional blog is the best way to give credibility and solidity to your professional profile.

We give you some basic keys to analyze your blog or create one that is geared towards your employment and professional goals.

A blog can be the most effective channel to create your personal brand. While you work on your digital skills and put them into practice with yourself.

The Internet and new technologies have changed the way people look for work and, fortunately. They allow us to make our skills and knowledge known in a fast, accessible and economical way.

This also implies a greater effort, since it supposes that we must work very in detail to define our personal profile and give it support and solidity with the creation and development of our personal brand.

The best way to achieve these two results is through the use of social networks and content managers. If you want to give value to your professional profile. Become a reference and have your own brand the blog is the best tool you can use for this type of objectives.

These are the basic keys that you have to keep in mind when creating a professional blog, both at the design and content level:

Tips for creating a blog as a way to find work

1.Design, organization, and usabilityblog

The blog is your cover letter and your way of showing yourself to hundreds of users. So you cannot be careless and you should invite visitors to want to know more about you.

You do not have to invest a lot of time and resources in a great design, just take care that it is an organized space, clean, well structured and easy to read. Opt for simple designs, adaptable to different devices and where the relevant information is displayed, quickly and efficiently.

The WordPress platform is the most popular and the easiest when it comes to getting started in the blog world.

It offers thousands of templates, customization options and plugins that complete the functionalities and allow you to design a more effective and sophisticated page.

Do not get complicated and start with the most important: a simple interface that corresponds to the type of content you want to publish. Continue reading- 13 steps we must take before posting an article

2.Define your personal brandblog

Before launching to create content, share opinions and relate experiences, think that all this should give strength and justify your personal brand.

Start by defining your brand: what you are, what you offer and what you differ from.

3.Quality content, current and attractiveblog

If your content is going to focus on written posts, you should take care of some basic drafting details. Take care of the spelling and grammar, as well as create coherent and well-structured essays.

To write content that will be published in a blog, it is important to take into account these recommendations:

Texts not very long and pleasant to read.

Use of short and simple sentences.

Short paragraphs with well-developed ideas.

Use of bold, quotes and headings that highlight information.

Remember that each post you create must have an objective and provide something of interest to the reader. So invest time in thinking about topics, making scripts and checking that those essays respond to your main objective. To reinforce your professional profile.

4.Diffuse and create the community

It is the most complicated and strategic task: to make your content reach users, read it, comment it and/or share it.

Social networks will be your best ally when it comes to spreading your message and attracting interested users with similar concerns to yours.

It is a long process, which involves patience and the development of small actions that help you, little by little.

As your goal is professional, LinkedIn or Twitter can be the most suitable channels to publicize your work.

Do not limit yourself to writing and publishing. You must participate in the publications of other users and be an active member of the professional communities. In such a way that they encourage synergies and the exchange of information and visits.

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