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Three reasons VoIP can be a game changer for international businesses

VoIP is becoming a popular telephony option for all kinds of businesses; however, it has a particular attraction for anyone who does business overseas. If you operate across international boundaries, VoIP has a lot to commend it in terms of cost, quality, flexibility and more.

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Controlling costs

Calling internationally on conventional telephone systems can be costly and means you are likely to spend time watching the minutes clock up rather than concentrating on the content of the call. It has long been the case that using VoIP can deliver lower call costs and this is especially true for overseas calls. As calls are routed over the internet, you are not ‘renting’ a long distance connection as you are with PSTN calls; what’s more, they can always find the most efficient route to their destination.

When selecting a VoIP provider, it is usually possible to select from a variety of charging plans that suit different needs. If you do business internationally, look for a supplier that can offer you a good deal on overseas calling.

Call quality

In the past, VoIP calling has had issues surrounding reliability and call quality; today, thanks to improved technology and faster internet connections, an international VoIP wholesale provider such as can offer consistently high-quality calls to anywhere in the world.

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What’s more, the VoIP call quality should remain consistent regardless of where you are calling. This reflects well on your business, as customers will receive the same quality of service wherever they are located.

Flexible options

Another big advantage of using VoIP is that you have a wider range of calling options. You can make conventional voice-only calls and can also make use of conferencing functions without incurring major additional costs. VoIP is also flexible in that it is easy to ramp up your call capacity as your business expands without the need for major capital investment and long lead times on equipment.

There is also the option of making video calls. VoIP offers a level of flexibility that older phone systems find hard to match. This is great for holding virtual meetings with overseas offices or clients and can help to reduce your business travel costs in addition to ensuring you keep in touch with colleagues and customers more effectively.

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