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Threats to computer security in 2018

There are constantly new challenges and computer threats that may end up affecting companies. Computer security is not simply an option or an extra confidence, but increasingly an obligation of companies that really want to protect their data and those of their customers.

If you want to know what are the main threats facing your business in terms of computer security, read on.

computer security in 2018

What threats to computer security your company will have to face in 2018

If we look at the latest news, threats to computer security increase as new technologies advance. For this reason, it is not surprising that in 2018 we are seeing computer security problems related to Bitcoin, artificial intelligence or the Internet of Things (IoT).

Maybe as a small and medium business, you think that these things are too far away. But the truth is that it is precisely the most vulnerable computer systems that cybercriminals use for their operations.

Let’s see for example some threats to computer security against which you must be protected.


Everyone knows the famous Wannacry virus, a ransomware that hijacks your computer and asks for a ransom so you can obtain the encryption key.

The truth is that this type of computer virus, without having the media effect it had during the past year, has been a computer threat for many years. One of the reasons why this type of computer virus can affect you is to use computer equipment with operating systems that are not updated and with known vulnerabilities.


Each time we are more prepared for malware. We avoid downloading strange files and unknown senders from our email. We try to always look for the official pages to download the programs, instead of using p2p networks. We also use antivirus to work more comfortably.

But beware, there is a type of malware, malware without files, which is difficult to detect, as you can read in Panda Security.

“It is a type of malicious code designed not to be written to the hard disk and to work from memory, such as RAM. Malware without a file does not need such files on the hard disk, so traditional protection systems are not able to detect it. This makes it much more difficult to defend against them, since these types of infections are much more resilient and difficult to control. “


Financial Trojans are pieces of malware that cybercriminals use to monetize their activities. Cybercriminals use advanced attack systems aimed at carrying out hidden transactions and attacking different banks. Although mobile banking has made everything much safer and has fallen significantly in recent years, criminals continue to use financial Trojans to collect money.


We can have secure computer systems, but what about our suppliers? And with the information, we store in the cloud? Cybercriminals also take advantage of this 2018 to attack the technologies used by companies and professionals related to your company: suppliers, associations, key people.

Entities and professionals that may have data about your business stored, but with more vulnerable computer systems. If a cybercriminal wants to attack a large company, he will look for a way to attack the weakest elements of the supply chain.


Beware of messages from banks that you receive by email, as they are not always reliable. Banking phishing has been revealed this year with a campaign that has supplanted BBVA to request user data.

Companies must be very aware of this type of thing. The easiest way in which malware is sneaked, we steal personal data or even a scam is taking advantage of the weakest link in our safety net: the human being.

Cybercriminals use social engineering have proven to be very effective and lucrative, much more when they come coated with an appearance of institutionality. Phishing does not hesitate to include logos or even web domains similar to those of the company they want to impersonate to collect your data.

How to protect yourself in 2018: overcome your computer security problems

As you may have noticed, absolute security in the computer world is impossible. But you can make things more difficult for cybercriminals to dissuade them.

That means controlling the security of your computer systems as much as possible, but also of the cloud services you use. And, at the same time that we do all this, start developing a code of good practices so that no employee makes an error that could affect the security of your data.

As a preventive measure, backing up your business data is also of great importance so that, in any case, you can recover the information even if you lose it.

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