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This is how Google establishes the goal plan for its employees

If a goal is not challenging, then the change will not be achieved

Google knows how to motivate its employees and proposes an innovative plan to achieve the objectives and goals of the company.

We reveal some keys about the OKR system that Google uses.

The development of challenging and specific objectives leads to greater performance and increases the chances of achieving the results set.

An important task on the part of managers is to establish the objectives for each year or stage. Above all, to be able to motivate their teams so that they feel committed and involved in reaching those goals.

Setting goals are not easy and it must be a plan carried out exhaustively so that everyone is clear about the approach. The difficulty and what needs to be done to achieve it. Normally, companies usually use the system of SMART objectives. So that they prepare the goals to be reached, through reaching results that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and in a specific time.

Google flaunts its innovative nature, also in its business policy and therefore uses a different system for setting objectives. They opt for the OKR objectives system: “Objectives and Key Results”.

Objectives – O  Google

The objectives should not leave the employees indifferent. But, on the contrary, they should be ambitious, challenging and generate restlessness and uncertainty.

According to Google executives, this is the key to making a goal viable: it should make us uncomfortable and invite us to leave our comfort zone.

Neither do we have to sin ambitiously and set three to five goals in total.

It is also important to make a good definition of the objective and not fall into topics, or ambiguous statements. Such as “maintain the position in the market.” Keep reading

The statement must be action-oriented, give a broad vision and convey the concept to be achieved. It’s what Google calls, providing a  “snapshot” of the goal.

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Key Results – KR

It must be the part that complements the objective so that they make it attainable and quantifiable. It should also allow to evaluate it, to know if they are on track or what should change.

Google proposes three key results per objective so that they show what must have been achieved at the end of the stage. These results give details and limited data to know what the achievement should be and make it credible.


The OKR system is in itself, a challenge for the design of goals and the achievement of results. But it improves the motivation and the quality of the work carried out.

In addition, it must be a transparent system known by all the teams, so that they are aware of the challenges of other employees and can create synergies to achieve them. Therefore, this goal plan also manages to encourage collaboration between teams.

In this video, Rick Klau – partner of Google Ventures – explains how the company uses the OKR system, what the process consists of and how the objectives are organized, at an individual, team and corporate level.


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