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What phases does the design of a website have

What are the steps that must be taken to design a website? Is it an easy or difficult process to create a web page?

One of the key points that we must take into account before creating a website is without a doubt the procedure we are going to follow. In this way, you can have the guarantee that you achieve your goal, you can save your budget and your website will meet certain quality criteria so that it can be truly useful.

design of a website

What phases does the design of a website have

Many will tell you that creating a website is easy. Even today you can do it with some free platforms. The problem is that many times these websites have many limitations and are practically not going to serve you at all, or you will not get good results in terms of positioning, design and user experience.

To be clear about the steps and phases of the design of a website, we invite you to take these aspects into account.


The most important thing in the design of a website is to clearly define our objectives. Decide what kind of web we want, know the market in which we are going to move and the most common uses in our sector.

Without prior research, you may be able to create a website, but after a while, you will realize your deficiencies or even strategy mistakes since that was not exactly what you were looking for.

For example, you create a basic corporate website, but what you need is a web store or electronic commerce.


Once we have spoken with our clients, the essential thing is to create a strategy on how we are going to create the web.

  • We can use for example a CMS, such as WordPress, or develop it to measure.
  • You can already have clear the domain name that we will use, based on our SEO objectives.
  • We can have already decided the hosting that we are going to use, according to our hard disk capacity forecasts.
  • You can set deadlines to ensure that the launch date of the website will match the dates you require.


Defining the architecture and link map of our website is another of the key points that we must take into account.

Depending on whether we have decided to create a customized website or use a CMS, the work can be more or less laborious. But in any case you have to define the architecture of your website, what levels it is going to have and what is the procedure that the user must follow to fulfill a certain objective.

When it comes to working with a management system, the choice of a good template or theme is key at this point. Although later we can carry out improvements and customizations, the cleaning of the code is fundamental so that the web then has a good usability.


A website can have a very elegant and attractive design, but you need content. Point three was the construction of the skeleton of the web. You can fill that web perfectly with texts “lorem ipsum” and with default images to have a general outline of how it will work.

But here we enter fully into one of the most important aspects; and it is to define what contents (images, texts, videos …) are going to be used. The choice of content is essential for one simple reason: it influences SEO, influences the user experience and also influences the conversion.

In the content area, we must not forget the content of a legal nature, to which your website is obliged to comply with the regulations on data protection and the law of cookies.

If you need content for your website, check out our positioning services.


Once everything is clear, it is time to design and program. Many times the design will be done thinking of a standard, but others will have to perform tests, study different web models and perform an A / B test to see which receives better results and better meets your objectives.

In the design and programming phase, whether we use a CMS, or if we develop the web from scratch, we must ensure that everything is adjusted to certain parameters, that we follow a quality standard and that the web really fulfills what it promises.


When we develop a website from scratch, we can not simply make it available to users without having previously made the appropriate quality tests. It is convenient to prove that everything works, analyze the logs file to see what errors occur on the web, as well as see the response of the web to a high number of requests and operations.

In this way, we can solve some of the most common errors that may arise before making the web available to users and start disseminating it.

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