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Why do you need a security certificate for your website?

Maybe you’re wondering what an SSL security certificate is and if your web page needs one. Having an SSL certificate has multiple advantages, so in this post, we will show you what it is, how you can install it and some reasons why it is very convenient for the security of your website.

security certificate for your website

What is a security certificate?

The security certificate is a confidence measure that allows the protection of the confidentiality of the data transmitted through the network. In this way, it is avoided that the information is exposed in a public way and can be used for cybercrimes and fraudulent uses.

A website that has security certificates can encrypt the data that is transferred between the client computer and the server computer.

Is it important to have an SSL certificate?

The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates allow you to protect the data transmitted on this website. It serves to show the user that the information that you enter, for example through a form, will be sent encrypted to the server, so that there is no risk that your data can be read by third parties.

A security certificate is important for any online business, since it transmits confidence to the user who is going to fill out any form of a website, or if he is going to carry out a transaction. It is especially relevant that online stores have an SSL security certificate.

What are the advantages of obtaining an SSL certificate?

You will notice that a website has the digital certificate because in the web browser the certificate is shown through an icon of a closed padlock. This tells you that it is a secure connection.

Among the main advantages of an SSL security certificate, it is worth mentioning:

  • The data is transmitted in encrypted form so that hackers can not read the personal data of any user.
  • The authenticity of the website is demonstrated.
  • It shows that the connection between the website and the web browser is secure.

Why do you need an SSL security certificate?

Perhaps some people may doubt the real risk that the data on your website will be intercepted. However, it should be borne in mind that the security incidences on the websites follow an upward trend and occur daily on numerous Internet websites.

All types of computer attacks can occur in the network, from attempts to steal passwords to impersonation. Users need to verify that the website they are connecting to transmits trust and is who they say they are. Both an online bank and an online store or a website of a company that requires user data should generate confidence through a security certificate.

When we install a security certificate, we are demonstrating that our web domain and server are authentic and the information between the client and the web is encrypted.

What are the advantages of using a security certificate for SEO

It is very important to understand that an SSL security certificate is also very convenient for SEO. At the beginning of the year of 2017, Google began to penalize many websites that did not use a security certificate, so it is something that you should implement if you have suffered penalties during the past year and have not yet been resolved.

Another important aspect is that if a website generates trust, users tend to visit it more often, improve traffic and conversion, which also affects Google’s search indexes.

How to get a security certificate

The so-called Certification Authorities (CA) are responsible for issuing SSL certificates. They can be security companies or services.

There are different types of certificates. On the one hand, there are domain or SSL domain certificates, which is the one used by most web pages on the Internet. There are other certificates that contain more information, such as organization certificates, for accredited organizations. Finally, there are the extended validation certificates, which are the most expensive and offer a deeper validation for the user.

What to do if you want to install a security certificate?

The security certification must be installed by domain and not by web directory. To carry it out, you can do it through your hosting provider, some of them offer some security certificates, although not always. Another option is to go to a security company that offers this type of certificate and install it on your website.

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