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How to nail the hyper personalisation marketing trend

Once upon a time, marketing campaigns would focus solely on the big idea, the notion that their advertisement could speak to a large audience all at once. In some cases, this type of marketing may still work, however, for the most part, the use of personalised advertisements is most definitely the way forward.

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What is it?

Hyper personalisation is the use of one to one marketing or highly personalised marketing tools based on you as an individual. Gone are the days where companies would mass advertise in the hope of gaining consumers, now it is all about the personalised experience. This may lead to an increased workload, however, this trend has been proven to provide better results and so is well worth the effort.

Why does it work?

There are many ways in which hyper personalisation works so well. Consumers don’t enjoy trawling through ads that bear no relevance to them and so targeted marketing can make their experience more enjoyable. It isn’t just the product that should be focused on when it comes to one to one marketing. Consumers like to see the full process and can, therefore, be involved in the creation aspect to make truly individual products or services.

How to make it work for you

With the recent GDPR regulations meaning that the public has more say in how their personal data is used, ensuring that any information you hold is done so with permission, is highly important. Providing those who you are advertising to are happy with this, then you are able to open a whole new set of marketing techniques. From creating personalised videos using their image, to tailoring film trailers using their name, there are many ways to get their attention.

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If you don’t quite have the workforce available to take on the masses of data that you should expect to receive, you can start small. Scent marketing is one way to help tailor products to a specific audience. By evoking memories and images, Scent Marketing can persuade potential customers in the right frame of mind to buy your products.

So whichever direction you take, you must ensure that you are accurate when it comes to personalised marketing. It can be tricky to master, but once you have a working formula, you will more than happy with the emergence of this trend.

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