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iPhone: The best tricks to improve security in iOS 11

The 10 best tricks to improve the security of your Apple device with iOS 11.

iOS 11 incorporates all sorts of improvements both optimization and security to achieve a superior user experience on our iPhone, especially in newer models like the iPhone 8 or iPhone X. Even so, it is advisable to configure various aspects of security and access to our Apple terminal, all to keep our data and information safe and intact, and that nobody can access without our consent. And is that with the arrival of each new version of iOS, Apple has been adding new features and functions specially designed to safeguard our privacy on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Therefore, we offer you a series of tricks and tips to improve security in iOS 11, the latest and most complete version of Apple’s operating system for their mobile devices.

The best security tricks for iPhone with iOS 11

iPhone: The best tricks to improve security in iOS 11

1.Passwordbest tricks

Surely, the first and most obvious step to increase the security of our iOS terminal is to activate the password to access the iPhone, which will prevent other people from accessing your mobile phone if they do not know the access password, thus protecting your personal information. photos, video, contacts … It is advisable to use a word with alphanumeric code; To activate the password follow the following steps:

Go to Settings.

Access Touch ID and code.

Enter your current code.

Click on the “Change code” option.

Re-enter your current code.

Click on Code Options.

Select Custom alphanumeric code.

2.Touch IDbest tricks

Another option for the most modern terminals that incorporate the Touch ID tool is to activate this security option. The Touch ID allows access only to the owner of the terminal through the reading of his fingerprint. To activate the Touch ID, follow the steps below:

Make sure that both the start button and your finger are clean and dry.

Press Settings – Touch ID – Code and enter the password.

Press Add a fingerprint and hold the device as usual when you touch the start button.

Touch the start button with your finger, without pressing.

Keep your finger in that position until you notice a small vibration or until you are asked to lift your finger.

Keep withdrawing and posing your finger slowly, modifying a bit the position of the finger each time.

On the next screen, you will be asked to adjust the fingerprint. Hold the device as you would to unlock it and touch the start button with the outer areas of the fingertip, instead of the central position you scanned before.

3.Automatic Lockingbest tricks

The automatic screen lock of our iOS device is highly recommended for several reasons, although the most obvious is to protect access to our data, in addition to improving the autonomy of the terminal. Follow the steps below to activate automatic blocking.

Go to Settings.

Access Display and brightness.

Press on Automatic locking.

Select the option that is most interesting. Continue reading- Threats to computer security in 2018

4.Lock screenbest tricks

The iPhone lock screen can display sensitive personal information such as photos, contacts, etc. It could even be the case that a user access to our data through Siri commands. Therefore, it is advisable to restrict access to certain features of the iPhone lock screen. It is one of the best tricks for iPhone.

Go to Settings.

Access Touch ID and code.

Enter your password.

Go to Allow access when blocked.

Disable all the options you want to hide.

5.SOS emergencybest tricks

With the arrival of iOS 11, Apple has introduced the possibility of accessing a relief service or SOS. To make sure you have this service activated, follow the steps below:

Go to Settings.

Click on SOS Emergency.

Activate the Automatic Call option. It is one of the best tricks for iPhone.

6.Delete application databest tricks

Luckily, iOS allows us to access the data of our installed applications and remove them if we want, which will give us the option to protect the personal information of certain apps in case our terminal falls into the wrong hands. This function will block the terminal in case we fail 10 times when entering the password.

Go to Settings.

Enter Touch ID and code.

Enter your password.

Activate the option Clear data.

7.Double factor authenticationbest tricks

With double-factor authentication, you can only access the account on trusted devices, such as the iPhone, iPad or Mac. When you want to log into a new device for the first time, you must provide two types of information (the password and the password). 6-digit verification code that appears automatically) on your trusted devices. By entering the code, you are verifying that the new device is trusted. To activate double factor authentication, follow the steps below:

Go to Settings – [your name] – Password and security.

Press Activate double factor authentication.

Press Continue. It is one of the best tricks for iPhone.

8. Find my iPhonebest tricks

The Find my iPhone tool is very interesting for those who fear to lose their terminal and do not remember where or simply do not know their location. In addition, beyond finding a lost iPhone, we can even block it and shield it from third-party users who want to access its content. To activate Search for my iPhone, follow the steps below:

Go to Settings.

Access your user profile.

Press on your iPhone / iPad.

Activate the Find my iPhone option.

9.Notificationsbest tricks

The constant appearance of notifications on the screen of your iOS device can compromise the privacy of your content before the eyes of outsiders, such as public transport or places. If you want your terminal not to show these notifications, you just have to follow the following steps:

Go to Settings.

Click on Notifications.

Go to Show previews.

Select the Never option. It is one of the best tricks for iPhone.

10.Safari browser

The pop-ups can be ads, offers or alerts that open at the bottom or top of the browser window in another tab or the current window. Some emerging elements use identity theft techniques, such as warnings or rewards, to make you believe that they work for Apple or another trusted company to share personal or financial information. Others may offer free downloads, software updates or plug-ins to cheat you and install unwanted software. Unless you are sure of the authenticity of an ad, avoid interacting with pop-ups or web pages that seem to invade the screen.

Therefore, it is recommended that you make sure that all the Safari protection tools are activated; Follow the steps below to configure Safari security options.

Go to Settings.

Access Safari.

Activate Block windows and Fraudulent website notice.

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