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How to tell if Google considers a friendly mobile web

We cannot afford not to have a mobile friendly website that is not readable or usable on a mobile phone. That’s because Google is already making a marked to websites in the mobile search results considering mobile friendly, and if that label is not being shown around our content, our website can see a fall in mobile traffic. See the link above where Google talks about this.

The responsive design is definitely the way to go but is it enough ?. How can confirm that our web pages are considered optimized for Google Mobile? There are enough options.

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One, we can do a search of our website in Google on any mobile phone to see if that label is displayed around the most popular web pages on our website. This is the fastest way to check if mobile friendly on multiple pages without using any tools.

Google also provides an online tool to help us understand if you think our friendly mobile website. Youll have to run it for all pages of the site.

Sometimes, a website can be sensitive and easy to read on a mobile device, but may not be usable. For example, the links may have been placed too close to each other making it difficult to touch, or videos may have been built with the use of Flash does not work on mobile devices. These factors can also prevent Google made a marked your mobile website as friendly.

You can use our Google Webmaster account to see if your site suffers from any of these usability problems. Lets see how.

Open Webmaster Tools, choose Search and select traffic mobile usability. Here you can find the site pages that are indexed in Google and require attention.

Alternatively, you can use the tool PageSpeed to detect usability problems without having to log in Webmaster Tools. It includes the URL in the input box and check the report user experience under Mobile. Here we will see a report that needs fixing. You can also explore other online tools to test a website in a much wider range of mobile phones.

How a web site looks on different mobile phones?

Today, for example, we are more curious to know if our site looks good in the Windows version of Firefox browser, which through a Android phone, although users could access our site through the latter.

There are only three major desktop operating systems and four major desktop browsers. In addition, we have excellent tools such Shots Browser and Browser Lab Adobe to help us understand how our web design looks through all the permutations and combinations of desktop browsers and operating systems. The mobile universe, on the other hand is much larger and unfortunately, there is no equivalent tool available to help a testing how it affects the design of the web through different mobile browsers and mobile operating systems.

However, there are a couple of good options that allow you to test the design of our website in the most popular mobile operating systems without having to own the device.

My first recommendation is a brilliant tool Opera Mobile Emulator .just choose the name of the mobile device of the available profiles and press the Start button to open the mobile browser on the desktop. The browser is re-sized to the resolution of the selected mobile and simply type the site URL in the address bar to get an idea of how this site can be viewed as a real mobile phone.

Opera includes presentations Emulator for a couple of tablet devices, as well as the Galaxy Tab and Motorola Xoom. If the mobile device is not listed, you can configure a new profile with a custom screen resolution and pixel density (or the default zoom level).

User Agent The yield Emulator Opera Mobile Opera web pages but you can also change the User Agent default browser to appear as an Android or Nokia S60. Simply click on the logo of Opera in the bottom right then Settings to change the User-agent default browser.

The second best option to test the design of our website in a mobile phone is Mobilizer.

This is an Adobe AIR application that helps to see a preview of the design of our website in the popular smart phones like the iPhone, Palm Pre, HTC Evo and BlackBerry.

We can open any number of instances of different mobile phones on the desktop and keep it to synchronize (click on something on a device and the others follow suit) or can be used independently each. You can also click on a device to export the render as a PNG file.

What is also unique about this tool is that you can even drag a local HTML page or image and test our design before putting them on the public web.

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