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How to ping Windows

The ping command can be very useful if we are trying to detect a connection problem in our PC. We tell you everything you need to know about him. We share how to ping Windows.

On occasion, when you are surfing the Internet, suddenly, strange things happen and your broadband is not giving all you should. You may even be playing online and suddenly you notice that other players are jumping around the stage: first they were very close to you and a few seconds later you are still anchored in your place and they are very, very far away. What does this mean? Well, surely you have connection problems, but before you assure it, you will have to verify it first. And how can you do it? Through the ping command.

What is the Ping commandping Windows

Ping is the acronym for Packet Internet Groper, a diagnostic tool in the form of a computer command. The ping functionality can be summarized in a very basic way: it determines if you are connected to the Internet or not, although it can be used for other things like measuring times or getting the IP address of a domain. The interesting thing about this command is that, in addition, it measures the time it takes for your computer to communicate with its destination. This time is what is known as latency, and the lowest values are always considered the best values.

Once this has been clarified, it is worth mentioning that there are different ways to use ping. It is worth remembering that the command can only be executed from the Windows Command Prompt, which can be found by launching the Start menu and typing cmd. It is valid for all home windows Windows versions.

How to ping Windowsping Windows

In case of connection problems, the first thing almost always is to determine that the TCP / IP protocol is well configured. This can be known by pinging your own network card, for which you will have to use the following command:


To this command, you can add the -t modifier at the end to perform a continuous ping. Execution can be stopped at any time by pressing CTRL + C. If, on the other hand, you only want to make a certain number of pings, add the modifier -n followed by the number of times the order will be executed:

ping -n 10

In the ping statistics, the number of sent received and lost packets will appear, as well as the latency. If your connection is working correctly, the number of lost packets should be zero. Latency values of less than 100 milliseconds are normal. If there is no connection to the network, the message “Timeout is exhausted for this request” will appear. This is how you can┬áping Windows.

How to ping the gatewayping Windows

First, type ipconfig in the command line and press enter. In the information that will appear you should see the default gateway, usually

By pinging the gateway you can verify the connection between your computer and the router. To do this, enter the following command:


If the IP address of your gateway is different, enter the one that gives you the ipconfig command. Again, high latency values or lost packets indicate that there is a problem.

How to ping a websiteping Windows

Finally, you can check the connection between your router and the Internet. For this you can ping any website, for example, Google:


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