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How to Download Videos from Twitter on Mobile

One of the things that is most stylized in social networks is to share multimedia content such as photos, videos or gifs. This also applies to instant messaging services, so it is likely that, on occasion, you have encountered a video on a social network that you loved and wanted to share it with your contacts on WhatsApp or Telegram, but you did not know how what do.

Downloading this type of content is not something we can do directly from the applications themselves, but there are other simple ways to do it. Today we are going with a tutorial on how to download Twitter videos directly on our mobile.

Download Videos from Twitter on Mobile

Download Twitter videos on Android

Although in both operating systems we will use the same modes, in the case of iOS it has a few more steps, due to the restrictions that the operating system itself puts us. But, as we will see next, it is nothing that we cannot solve.

We start with Android. The first thing we will do is open the Twitter application and look for the tweet with the video in question that we want to download. We will click on the tab located in the upper right (next to the author’s name) and, when the drop-down opens, we will select the option “Copy link from Tweet”.

Next, we will open our mobile’s browser and access the TWDown page (, a very simple website that downloads automatically and without risks. In the bar where it says “Enter video link”, we will paste the link of the tweet we just copied and click on the download button.

In a matter of seconds, several options with different qualities will appear on the screen. We just have to click on the download link of the resolution we want and, in a few seconds, we will have the video stored in the download folder of our mobile, from where we can already share it with whoever we want. Keep Reading funny videos maker app

Download Twitter videos on iOS

We go with the operating system of iPhone phones. Here, as we said at the beginning, the procedure will be the same except that we will use an application to manage the download of the file and then pass it to the reel of our phone. The application is called MyMedia File Manager and you can download it for free from the App Store.

With the application already downloaded, we will enter it and go to the icon located in the lower left in the form of a globe that will open the browser option to enter the address of the TWDown page ( from where we will download the video.

Once inside TWDown, we will paste the link of the tweet that we will have previously copied from the Twitter app by clicking on the tab located at the bottom right of the tweet (next to the Favorite or like icon) and selecting the option Share Tweet via … and Copy link.

As it happened in Android, when clicking on Download, several options with different qualities will appear; choose one and click on the “Download the file” option that will allow us to name the video before saving it directly to the MyMedia application download folder.

Now, to download it directly to our phone, we will access this folder and, once the file is located. Click on it to see the available options. We only have to choose “Save to Camera Roll” and it will be saved on our iPhone.

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