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How to create a post with more visits!

I’m not much to give lessons to anyone, because there are very professional people who receive those same views every day in his blog. But in my case with a single post I have come to achieve in two days more than 4000, more than 10 times more than in previous days.

For there is no secret just common sense. But if it is true that in this post I realized that you can provide the means for a content is totally viral.

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Writing for everyone, not just a few

Here normally usually I write Web design, social media, SEO, e-commerce platforms and data protection. Whats going on? Obviously the public consumer of this information is scarce, so the number of visits in a post dedicated to a few will be very low. The important thing is never going off the subject. With the post on WhatsApp and Facebook Im on the same theme (social networks and technology, and also data protection).

A Title hook is essential for success

Most people who read a link on a social network (twitter, Facebook or Google plus) does not keep reading if the title is not attractive enough for them to consume minutes of your precious time. There are many articles online about filming the viral concepts in the articles. Always they work very well lists the type: the top 10 links .. or the 10 things you should know about . Can also be used as tutorial: Learn how to All you need to (create a post)

Quality content always gives you more visitors

Most of the visits are not only encouraged by you on social networks or RSS, or e-mail marketing. Users themselves that they like what they are reading and also feel identified by title and not cheated, sharing the post with all your friends and contacts. It is therefore very important that if you put a catchy title that corresponds with reality.

Share it on social networks to spark

Obviously if you do not show what you write can not have visitors. You have to call users. If you have a network of users and positioning is not quite there, social networking is the best way to publish your content. Everyone has to know exactly where it has to. For example. Something to talk about professional issues, because LinkedIn is a very good option for this. When the post is related to images and other as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or can be ideal and Twitter for all.

Understand that not always the results are expected

Normally when you have a number of visits as before it, you tend to ask about what happened, and you tend to make products in the same way, to cause the viral. The content is a viral or not also has an element of luck, but obviously you have to put the right arguments.

If you have gotten all share

Its a good way to re-viral. Talk about a personal experience is always positive and, although it has many visits as before, but certainly provide credibility and a very interesting online reputation with future post.

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