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What is Google One and where can it be used?

Google One is the new storage bet of the Silicon Valley company. The plans for the purchase of space that were previously integrated under the wing of Google Drive are now split from the service in the cloud.

Google One brings with it, in addition to a new name, much more variety when hiring a storage service. With prices that draw the attention of users.

Google One and where can it be usedGoogle One

With the first price reduction in the last four years. Google aims to convince users that contracting space in the cloud is an action that, sooner or later, they must do. Seeing the increasing pace with which new content is created in the dispositive. Keep reading- 9 googles keep tips to take quick notes

From two dollars per 100 GB of space and up to 2TB for just under 10 dollars. Google One offers a service that can also be shared with up to five users. And that is contracted simply through Google Drive.

WhatsApp will not take up space in Google DriveGoogle One

Google redesigned its storage services a while ago, although they are officially available as of now. What also changes for Android users is that WhatsApp. And Google has reached an agreement and backup copies of the messaging app will no longer be counted as space used in Google Drive for these users.

The company has notified its users through an email, insisting that the measure will not take effect until November 12 of this year.

The users that today have already hired an additional space through Drive will be transferred automatically to One. Without an increase in their current rate.

Of course, only users in the United States, given that Google is launching One only in that country. According to company sources reported to TreceBits. Users will still have to wait a while to access the company’s new storage services.

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