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Google Chrome will block Flash ads

All results that Google Chrome Fash considered irrelevant and unrelated to the content of the site will be blocked from 1 September. The measure will not affect the audio and video, but everything else.

As some probably remember, last June Google said it was working on some adjustments aimed at stopping content-based plugin Flash ads . All with the aim of improving the speed of page loading and reduce energy consumption, because as most people know, Adobe is characterized by consuming many resources.

Google Chrome

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The work has been completed, and the adjustments will take effect from next week. This was confirmed giant Internet in your Google Plus profile. Yes, the famous navigator block Flash ads from next Tuesday September 1 .

It is noteworthy that Chrome will not block all ads, but only hide those it considers irrelevant and unrelated to the content of the site. The audio and video will also not be affected because many still use this technology to reproduce multimedia content this type.

Hence, everything else will be hidden by Chrome preponderantly, of course if the user wishes to view a locked item, you can do it through Run this plugin by pressing the right cursor button. Although it is known that these settings will be applied only on September 1, users can now apply through the browser settings.

Not all, Google also indicates that Flash ads AdWords uploaded to be automatically converted into HTML5. So those interested can take this great opportunity.

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