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Generate social buttons with Sharingbuttons

Sharingbuttons is a service that allows you to integrate social buttons on a Web page without for that reason having to resort to JavaScript and, more importantly script, without subjecting users to any client tracking for profiling. It is essentially a solution capable of reconciling a high level of performance with the utmost respect for privacy.

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The absence of JavaScript components ensures extremely fast loading times thanks to a substantial reduction in latencies, while failure (but voluntary) use of scripts for tracking allows you to use this platform without integrating the notorious third-cookie parties both opposed by anachronistic Cookie Law currently in force.

They support all the most popular social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr; do not miss the opportunity to also create the classic tool for reporting and sharing of online content via e-mail. Sharingbuttons is basically a generator of buttons that work does not rest directly to social networks and, working independently, they exclude tracking.

The buttons obtained using only individual HTTP requests and do not cause a load blocks of the Internet pages being rendered; include the buttons produced by the generator will be particularly simple, because once selected social networks to be connected to the own resource will be enough to include the HTML code provided by Sharingbuttons in one or more pages .html and style rules in the relevant CSS file.

The buttons are sized using units em, so the only action required to change its size to be operated by setting a value for the property font-size defined for the class .resp-sharing-button.

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