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This is how the four cameras of Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) work

Forget what you know about dual cameras: now, mobiles are going to start bringing three or even four cameras only in the back (that is, not counting the one or two cameras they may have for selfies). But what are they for? We explained it to you from the presentation of the new Samsung Galaxy A9 of 2018.

When there is still someone who has not finished understanding that about the dual cameras on mobile phones, Samsung arrives and surprises us in his Unpacked presentation in Milan (Italy) with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018). What is special about this mobile? It is the first phone on the market to incorporate not two, not three, but four main cameras. Four lenses one below the other, and all of them are available to the user in any situation.Samsung Galaxy A9

It was during the past year when all the mobile manufacturers got on the car of dual cameras -all, less Google-. They did it first in the high range, then in the mid-range and, today. It is even possible to find low-end phones with two cameras. But the new Galaxy A9 (2018) takes that further and chooses to bring a quadruple configuration of cameras.

We have been in his presentation, and he has given us time to check in person the operation of this configuration of the cameras. We are talking about a phone that by its nature is a step below a Galaxy S9 or a Note 9. Although it comes with a starting price of 699 dollars. That does not it prevents you from incorporating a camera never seen before in the market.

Let’s talk first about the technical part. As we said, there are four cameras in one, and looking from top to bottom we have:Samsung Galaxy A9

sensor wide angle of eight megapixels. Like LG’s bet with the LG V40 ThinQ.

a telephoto sensor (double magnification) of ten megapixels. As the bet of Samsung itself with its flagships or, of course, Apple with its latest iPhone XS.

the main sensor of 24 megapixels.

and a sensor for five-megapixel depth measurement.

For what four cameras? More is better? Does it mean that the Galaxy A9 of 2018 will do the photos better than any other mobile with only two or three cameras? Not so fast. What Samsung has done with this phone has been to decide not to give up anything: instead of having to make the decision to choose between the telephoto camera and the wide-angle camera, or between the wide-angle and the depth sensor, it has chosen to incorporate them all.

This means that, with this mobile, you can immortalize a scene in virtually any situation. You can take a picture of your group of friends without anyone being cut off, thanks to the wide-angle sensor; you can get portrait photographs with the background out of focus. Or images with magnification without losing quality, thanks to the telephoto sensor; and so with many other examples.

That is what all this trend of mobile phones with three and even four cameras is about: to offer a camera with which you never have to renounce any photography due to the conditions of the scene. But that does not mean that a mobile with four sensors makes better photographs than a mobile phone with a single lens: numbers are not everything, and just as we already know that megapixels say little about the quality of a camera, the same it is applied for the number of lenses. This is the example of Google with its Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

This is how the Samsung Galaxy A9 camera works (2018)Samsung Galaxy A9

Of the four sensors that have the camera of the new Samsung mobile, three can be used at any time from the application. They are the wide-angle sensor, the main sensor, and the telephoto sensor. In the application, there is a button that allows you to move from one lens to another immediately. And the result is seen in real time on the screen, so you know which sensor is best for each situation.

The transition from one lens to another is almost immediate, and in this sense, we have seen that the Snapdragon 660 processor from which this phone is powered is able to move without problems all this quadruple configuration of cameras. You say, a Snapdragon 660 on a mobile with four cameras? Indeed, that’s right, and it’s because we’re not talking about a high-end. This Galaxy A9 of 2018 is something like the gateway to the high-end.

For those who are wondering, also say that on the front we have a single 24-megapixel camera that. Thanks to the software, is also likely to be able to offer some kind of background blur. But that last one we have not tried yet.

That for the part of the photographic section. As for the rest of its features, we are talking about a mobile that incorporates a 6.3 ” AMOLED screen with Full HD + resolution. A Snapdragon 660 processor, 6 GB of RAM, 128 GB of internal storage and a battery of 3,720 mAh.

The Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) comes to market in mid-November. And will be released with a starting price of 599 euros. We will wait to test it thoroughly to bring our full analysis.

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