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How to convert a sketch to an HTML design

It is quite common for graphic designers to prepare a sketch of a web page in image. This can be a jpg, a png or a pdf. However, this type of files must be converted to a native format that a browser can interpret. This is where the figure of the web developer becomes very important in order to convert a sketch to an HTML design.

How can you convert an image to HTML5? Is this the best way to prepare the pre-design of a web page? Does web design basically consist of these types of aspects?

sketch to an HTML design.

Keys to convert an image in HTML

Although in many occasions an HTML developer is usually used to make this conversion, it is also true that in recent times some tools have appeared that apparently make this change.

However, do not kid yourself: changing a format file does not imply that it will really be useful. You will simply have that information (Excel table, jpg image, etc.) in an .html file, but not a web page with the correct measurements and the design you had imagined.

What you need in these cases is basically a person with knowledge of web design in HTML5 and CSS3 that can turn your web page sketch into a real web.

This implies, for example, that in this image they should be clear:

  • Colors
  • Measures
  • The typography
  • The sections
  • The structure of the page
  • The links and texts
  • Etc.

The different elements will be transformed into a source code, with convenient features, so that the website complies with standards of usability, quality, design, and speed.

Is an HTML design all you need?

On many occasions, web design can go much further than developing a website in HTML5. In fact, although we can be clear about the design of our website, the truth is that almost nobody today requires a static website unless it is a short landing page.

It is important to understand that a web in HTML 5 requires that all the changes and additions that you want to introduce, will have to be made manually. An .html file is executed on the client side, it is not strictly done in a programming language.

If you want your website to be dynamic, you will have to convert your website into HTML5 in php and mysql, so that your page is dynamic and can read information in a database.

PHP is a web programming language and mySQL is a database language. They are widespread languages on the Internet and with which a large number of websites on the Internet work.

On the other hand, for the same reason, you need to create your style sheet, in CSS format, so that your pages can read the customizations in terms of design.

How to pass your HTML 5 website to PHP

PHP files respect the HTML code but allow you to automate certain actions and re-compose your website. In this way, you would not have to create infinite HTML pages, for example, but simply create a single page template for each section and then add mySQL so that each file searches and reads the data that you have to enter in a database that you keep in your server.

To do this, it is necessary that you have knowledge of web programming, so you can develop a truly functional page. If you create a website solely based on HTML5 and CSS3, the complexity of your page will grow significantly, to the point of being almost unsustainable.

Create a web from scratch, or use a CMS?

Many companies prefer to use a framework or content management system to develop their website directly in PHP and mySQL . That is, it is not strictly necessary to have knowledge of these programming languages to be able to create your web page.

CMS like WordPress or Joomla allow you to develop your page and have a content management system so that you would have a tool to create content without having to work directly on the source code.

In Gadae Netweb we develop both websites from scratch, as well as through the most common CMS. We make things easier for you to manage your website from an intuitive and effective tool so you can work on your website. In addition, in websites that require more complexity, we provide a back-office so you can manage your page.

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