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Trends and Best Practices for Content Marketing ideas for 2018

Every year round is the perfect time to reflect on the main trends that should mark next year. When it comes to communication, it is even more necessary to do this, because things change faster. In today’s article, you will discover what are the actions and strategies of content marketing that promise to be on the rise in the coming year. So you can adjust your planning to get the most out of these trends.

First topic: content marketing itself continues with everything! More and more consumers are interested in receiving relevant brand information. Quality content will always be more effective than a mere advertisement in the competition for the attention of existing and potential customers. So if you still have some resistance to this marketing strand, it’s time to leave it behind and discover the wonders that content marketing can do for your business.

Now, let’s turn to the trends in Content Marketing ideas:

1)Multidisciplinary teams

Content Marketing ideas

For many ventures, content marketing is still restricted to maintaining and nurturing a blog within the corporate site. For this, having a good copywriter is enough to meet the demand. The first change starts there!

The tendency is for the teams responsible for content marketing to become more complex. In addition to copywriters and proofreaders, it’s good to start thinking about bringing in graphic designers; audiovisual producers; campaign manager; someone to manage the results metrics and more. Read more

And just by the composition of this ideal team, it is already clear that the content will have to leave the screen of the blog to explore other horizons.

2) Smart partnerships

Content Marketing ideas

Until a long time ago, getting the mark in traditional media was the dream of many entrepreneurs. This is still very important, but it is not enough anymore. Starting in 2018, it will be essential to also influence the digital influencers and microinfluentiators, the people who have their profession in social networks.

The so-called “digital influencers” usually have a large audience made up of people who rely on their nominations. That’s why it pays to think about content marketing campaigns specifically geared toward this audience.

For example, if you make cosmetics, invite a group of influencers from that niche to spend a day at the factory understanding how manufacturing processes work. It is good Content Marketing ideas.

3) Documented strategy

Content Marketing ideas

One of the great secrets of companies that really see the difference betting on this type of marketing is investing in a documented strategy. This means literally having a document that directs all actions that are thought of in that sense. Clarify objectives (short, medium and long-term); the guidelines; which combines with the company (not everything that is fashionable has to do with the corporate profile); what has already been done; what were the results obtained. And of course, this should be constantly subject to evaluation and adjustments if necessary.

This is one of the advantages of hiring a specialized agency to take care of the marketing of the company. For these agencies, the documented strategy is already part of the routine procedures, which makes everything much more professional and assertive.

According to a CMI survey, in 2015, 32% of marketers had a documented content marketing strategy. Just a year later, the number had already increased 5%, indicating that this is really a trend to be considered. Continue reading- 4 TYPES OF GUERRILLA MARKETING THAT YOU SHOULD KNOW

4) Internet of Things

Content Marketing ideas

Nowadays, with sensors that allow devices to communicate with each other and the beacons, it is possible to communicate with the consumer at almost any point in their day. Once, a brand of ice cream developed an action that warned the person, through a notification on the cell phone, whenever she was passing through a refrigerator that had products of that brand.

It is very feasible to sit down with the entire marketing team and try to reconstitute the step by step of a common day of a consumer of your product and service. From this, think about where a strategy would fit, from the idea of the internet of things. It is one of the good Content Marketing ideas

5) Thinking through all the steps

Content Marketing ideas

The sales funnel is divided into stages: lead generation; lead qualification; assessment of challenges or problems; solution of problems; conversion and closing of the business. Often, content marketing actions are thought only for a lead generation. But why put aside all the other steps?

Content should also be considered in relation to who is already a customer, in order to strengthen this relationship with the brand in order to build loyalty. Remembering that it is always cheaper for a company to retain a customer than to win a new one, so it is much more strategic.

A good content marketing action should not only serve to attract but also to consolidate the brand image in the mind of the consumer. So in 2018, commit yourself to thinking more about the buying journey as a whole than just prospecting. It is one of the good trends in Content Marketing ideas.

6) Focus on live videos

Content Marketing ideas

Instagram and Facebook already allow the transmission of live videos and they should bomb in 2018, therefore another action to be put into practice. Surveys have shown that on Facebook, a video has an average of 130% more views than an image.

Live streaming brings the consumer closer to the brand and allows for more interaction. The result of this is the humanization of the company and this is what the public wants to see. Showing who is behind the scenes of that product or service, who really makes it happen is always interesting.

7) Virtual Reality

Content Marketing ideas

If your company sells online, how about further improving the consumer buying experience? And not only for purchase, but the content itself can be combined with virtual reality so that those on the other side have a more immersive experience. In a world where the competition for the attention of the internaut is increasingly fierce, everything that contributes to call this attention is valid. It is one of the good trends in Content Marketing ideas.

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