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Changing the user name admin in WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platform, with millions of users worldwide who use it every day for various purposes. With this in mind, it is also one of the platforms hardest hit by hackers. So keep your safe installation of WordPress is the most important things you can do to your blog.

Unfortunately, there are still many bloggers who ignore one of the simplest changes you can make to ensure that your blog is safe, and which also happens to be one of the most exploited vulnerabilities in WordPress.

To which I refer is to change your name admin default one. Whenever crackers attempt to perform one of his brute force anywhere on WordPress, will go to admin as the user name.

That was the default user name in WordPress until version 3.0, when we were able to choose a custom user name during installation.


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There are some ways to change your admin user name and we will see it in the post today.

Different ways to change the username admin in WordPress

You can change your WordPress username:

Manually by creating a new user with administrator rights
Change the username in phpMyAdmin
With the help of a plugin

Renaming WordPress admin manually

The easiest way to change your username is by creating a new user with administrator rights. To do this, log in to your administration panel and go to Users> Add new.

Create a new user with the desired user name with administrator rights. Be sure to use a different email address, or change the email address of the former administrator if you want to use for the new user.

After you log off, log in with your new username. Go to User, and simply delete the old user named admin. Will ask what to do with user content, go ahead and assign the new user you just created.

Renaming WordPress administration with phpMyAdmin

For those feeling a little more adventurous, you can change your user name in cPanel and phpMyAdmin.

First youll need to access your cPanel and scroll down until you find phpMyAdmin.

Then select the database blog we want to change the user name.

On the left side you should see a list of all tables in the database. Click on the one that says wp_users. Then click on the user name you want to edit.

User_login change the value to whatever you want, click the Continue button and youre done.

Now go back to your site and remember to sign in with your new username.

Renaming administrator with the help of a plugin

If the idea of ​​playing in phpMyAdmin makes you nervous, do not be afraid. You can also use several plugins to change the administrator user name of WordPress.

Some of these were created specifically for that purpose, and some offer many more features to further secure your site.

One of the simplest plugins for this work is the Extended Admin Renamer.

This plugin does what it says: lets you change the username admin and all other administrator user name (in the case of blogs with multiple authors) and supports multi-site.

Another simple plugin that can be used is Username Changer that does the same thing Extended Admin Renamer but also updates the display names if it matches the username.

Better WP Security goes a step further with several features that help protect your site with preventing brute force login, periodic scans your site for suspicious connection attempts, rename the user account manager, generating secure passwords and delete the default user ID in the ID 1.

Sucuri Security is a more complex plugin that monitors your site for malware and helps prevent brute force attacks by hardening of vital parts of your website. One option includes checking whether you have the username admin in use and options for change.

Note: Sucuri also offers payment security plan that offers additional features, including monitoring and scanning blacklisted server, more information here.


As you can see, change your user name admin WordPress is simple, and no matter which method you choose, you should not take more than 5 minutes.

Given that admin is one of the login names with more attempts to enter by the pirates, worth checking 5 minutes of your busy schedule and switch to another name so you can make sure your site it is less vulnerable to attacks by crackers.

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