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Can your web designer do these key trends?

Web design trends are constantly changing, and it is important for businesses, website owners and website designers to keep up with the trends, so that their websites stay relevant and engaging.

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2017 is already seeing lots of new web design trends, and some of these trends will completely transform the way that successful websites work.

Here are four key web design trends.


More websites will use the card design

The card design is a popular website design that was first made popular by Pinterest. The design breaks the screen up into small, card-shaped chunks that will take the user to different parts of the website. This grid design is very popular, because it means that websites can include a lot of different information without overwhelming the user.

The card design simplifies and organises the information presented, so that it is easy for the user to quickly find what they are looking for. It is also very aesthetically pleasing.

More VR and video content

You may already have noticed a recent increase in video content online. This is because humans are extremely visual creatures, so video content is one of the best ways to engage with internet users.

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Video content will become even more popular over the coming year. For instance, businesses will use video content to advertise their products, provide information and offer tutorials. This exciting and interactive experience will be used by all kinds of brands, from small businesses to global companies.

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Authentic photography

According to, cheesy stock photos are off-putting to internet users, as they are so impersonal. The user knows that the picture doesn’t feature any of your staff or your office, and so the images make your website seem false. This is why so many web designers are embracing authentic, original pictures. These appeal more to the reader, as they seem genuine and trustworthy.

Businesses will embrace Al-powered bots

Al-powered bots are unlikely to have a huge impact on web design, but they will change the way that businesses create websites. These bots are becoming ever more complex, and they are being used to create tools for businesses that allow businesses to connect with customers via social media apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

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