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The best waterproof power bank to take you to the beach

The summer holidays are here, an ideal time to enjoy the best summer festivals, the beach, pool and other activities that we can perform on these long-awaited dates. In this time we usually go to places where we do not have a handy plug to charge our devices. And a conventional external battery can be damaged in certain environments. That’s why we bring you a compilation if you’re looking for waterproof power bank.

Say that all the waterproof power banks that we have searched for you have solar panels that will allow us to charge these external batteries at any time without having to plug them into the current. And the fact that these power banks are resistant to water make them an ideal gadget to take to the beach or the pool without having to worry about anything. Continue reading- The best technological products of 2018

Waterproof power bank to take to the beach or the pool

PowerBank waterproof BigBlue waterproof power bank

We started our compilation with this BigBlue waterproof solar battery. We speak of a waterproof power bank that has 10,000 mAh battery, IPX4 certification so there is no problem if it gets wet and a shell made of silicone to withstand shock and impact so you do not have to worry about anything.

Like the other models, the BigBlue waterproof power bank has a traditional charging system thanks to its USB 2.0. So you can carry the battery charged at home. Although its solar panels can get you out of more than one hurry.

Waterproof Power bank Innoo waterproof power bank

In this case, we have an external battery resistant to water and dust thanks to its IP65 certification so you do not worry about anything if you want to take this waterproof power bank to the beach or the pool. With 10,000 mAh of battery, promises to charge a minimum of 3 times any device. Besides being able to charge two at a time without problems.

And its solar charging system has SUNPOWER photovoltaic cells that offer great energy efficiency compared to a conventional solar panel.

Waterproof Power bank ADDTOP waterproof power bank

If you need a waterproof power bank that offers great autonomy, the ADDTOP solution is the best option to consider. We speak of a waterproof external battery that has 24,000 mAh to charge your devices for a week without problems. It also has a system of three solar panels so you can charge any phone or tablet. Whenever you need it thanks to its system to absorb the maximum amount of solar energy.

The best? that this waterproof power bank with an impressive autonomy

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