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The best technological products of 2018

The best technological products of 2018 ordered from n. 10 ton. The top 10 of the innovative technological products presented to date to understand where the technology goes and what are the technological gadgets to have.

The CES, the Mobile World Congress,  CEBIT and the season of developer conferences ( Google I / O and Facebook F8 ) have now come to an end, and barkers have therefore had the opportunity to see the most interesting news, the most innovative technological products, those that really can change, at least a little ‘our life,  really useful technological objects .

Innovative technological products

There is still a lot to come in the second half of the year (the new iPhone, the Pixel 3 and who knows what else), but for now, here are the best technological gadgets of the year.

The best 2018 technology products

10.HP ZBook Studio X360 G5technological products

HP ZBook Studio X360 G5 is a compacted workstation in the body of a laptop. It is a portable system offers users the latest convertible design with professional level performance, to run more complex design applications. You can edit high-resolution images without delay, thanks to the NVIDIA® graphics card and Intel® Xeon® processors. The innovative 360-degree hinges ensure the comfort of a laptop, the convenience of a tablet and additional ways to present your work. Precision pen input at 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity is realized on the anti-reflection screen HP DreamColor: the 4K display for the world’s brightest laptops, for these top performance, is among the best technology products of 2018, even if the cost it’s not really from the technological gadget.

9.Huawei P20 Protechnological products

Despite the seemingly groundless accusations of the Trump administration that Huawei is spying on Americans. The company has proven that it knows enough about innovation in terms of smartphones. With the P20Pro,, Huawei has grouped three cameras on the back. Is it perhaps an exaggeration for a telephone? No, if it is to take good pictures in low light and at night, making the competition pale.

8.9.7-inch Apple iPad (ed 2018)technological products

If you are looking for the best tablet available on the market the answer is always the same: iPad. Apple has updated its cheapest Pad, the one with a 9.7-inch display, with a faster A10 chip and support for Apple Pencil (the first on a non-Pro version of the iPad). With a low starting price, the iPad (2018) continues to stand out from the competition and rightfully enters among the best technology products of 2018.

7.Apple HomePodtechnological products

Yes, Apple’s HomePod is more expensive than Amazon Echo. And Google Home and you need Apple Music to get the most out of it. But if you’re already living in the Apple ecosystem, HomePod undoubtedly offers the best sound for a compact smart speaker. HomePod allows a higher volume and produces a clearer sound output.

6.Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 +technological products

Apple’s enemy actress, Samsung, has perfected its flagship Galaxy S phones this year. The Galaxy S9 and S9 + do not deviate too much from their predecessors S8 and S8 + in terms of design, but that’s fine because they refine all the details to the best, indeed perhaps it’s more important. This means placing the fingerprint sensor in a sensible position, having stereo speakers, having a dual camera (on the S9 +) and combining the iris scanner and face unlocking in one intuitive function. Continue reading- THE FIVE KEYS OF THE LENOVO YOGA 530

5.DJI Mavic Air technological products

We did not think it was possible to make a folding drone smaller than DJI’s Mavic Pro, but we were wrong. Despite having a 41% smaller footprint than the Mavic Pro, the Mavic Air, even more, compact and foldable, is almost as powerful; it can fly up to 21 minutes, reach a maximum speed of 68 km. about an hour and record videos in 4K. It is also controllable with the same gestures of the hands of Spark and has an intelligence and a system to avoid better obstacles than the Mavic Pro. In short, the 2018 technological gadget deserves a place of honor.

4.Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4Ktechnological products

Blackmagic  Design unveiled a 4K version of its popular portable RAW camera at the NAB 2018. The Pocket Cinema Camera 4K packs an ISO Micro Four Thirds sensor and can record  4K HDR RAW  at 4,096 x 2,160 and 60 fps in 12-bit RAW or 10- ProRes bits. The best thing is that it costs $ 1,295,  almost half the price of Panasonic’s video-oriented GH5, making it the most economical 4K RAW camera currently available.

3.OnePlus 6technological products

The ascent to the greatness of OnePlus is nothing short of foreseeable if you followed the Chinese startup over the years. His latest OnePlus 6 is his best phone to date, offering premium hardware. And peak performance at a lower price than Samsung’s. Even without some features like wireless charging or water resistance. OnePlus 6 is undoubtedly among the innovative technology products. An Android phone among the best of 2018 so far.

2.Google Hometechnological products

It looks like a speaker but in reality, it is an artificial intelligence that can be positioned at home. Google Home is not just about playing music. It actually does much more: Google Home is the physical representation of Google Assistant. It presents itself with an elegant design, which easily takes its place between the home decor. The place for which it was designed. In Italy, it arrived in 2018 in two forms: normal and mini. Undoubtedly among the best 2018 technological gadgets

1.Oculus Gotechnological products

Oculus Go is one of these technological products that for a moment makes you feel the magic of technology. One of the best technological products of 2018. Oculus GO is all that VR viewers had to be from the beginning: all-in-one, wireless and affordable. It’s not as powerful as an Oculus Rift or an HTC Vive Pro. But the Oculus Go offers a virtual immersive experience. Where you can easily lose yourself for a few minutes or a couple of hours. Thanks to its design it is easy to wear, has no wires, has no complications. You have to try it.

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