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Tips to have an attractive biography on Instagram

The development of an attractive biography on Instagram is an undervalued process and is overlooked when creating an Instagram account to visualize a brand: An error that will take you to lose a great opportunity: The opportunity to publicize your blog, give Know your personal brand or generate more conversion for your web page.

Do not miss the opportunity and learn to create an attractive biography on Instagram.

In this article, I want to explain what it is and how your biography can help you on Instagram, but also to know each element so that your Bio impacts.

What is a biography on Instagrambiography on Instagram

It is a key space to publicize, in seconds, relevant information of your professional account or brand.

It helps you to know who you are, what you do and show your work, products or services. A way to generate impact and convince your audience to take a specific action (visit your website, consign data or buy)

Why do you need to build a perfect Instagram biography?

Your biography on Instagram plays a decisive role in the success of your strategy. An effective biography, convince and persuade your customers to fulfill an action.

It generates a better impression and transmits a professional image, both for a brand and for a personal account.

You will be attractive to your audience, also the number of potential followers on Instagram will increase

Tips to create your biography on Instagram

According to the objectives you wish to fulfill in your social media plan, you can determine which approach you will give to your Bio, and thus start playing with each element that plays a key role:

🔷 Your namebiography on Instagram

You have 30 characters available to add the name of your personal or business account.

It can be accompanied by a keyword or abbreviation that specifies what the brand is about: if you have commercial objectives, you must make clear your activity and the specialty in which you work.

One of the advantages of this action is that users can find you more easily. Since the user’s name is in the search engine.

🔷 Descriptionbiography on Instagram

You have a space of 150 characters to communicate directly and briefly: who you are and what you do, without the need for a long repertoire.

Briefly explain the differential you have. Make a brief description giving information about the capabilities you have to respond to a need of your user.

Add your location, if you want to attract a specific audience.

🔷 Call to Action

Add a Call to Action according to the goals of your social media plan. Directs the user to register their data, buy, visit a page etc.

🔷 Url or linkbiography on Instagram

A personalized link is a detail that helps you give a professional touch and guarantees the opportunity to increase the conversion rate. Use one of the two tools named later.

🔷 Emojis

Making good use of emojis reinforces the visual aspect of your biography and multiplies the impact you want to give.

🔷 Hashtags

Instagram already allows the hashtags to be clickable, it helps you generate a greater conversion highlighting a key part of your biography.

✅ Highlight the keyword you want to impact.

✅ Capitalize the beginning of each word, so you’ll be more understandable

✅ Find options that differentiate you

✅ Use hashtags that are relevant to your brand or your potential customer.

🔷 Featured stories

An ally to make your value proposal known in depth, be it a blog, a book, a course, the service you offer or your experience as a professional.

💥 Tips to design your Highlight

Use a design aligned with the colors and image of your brand.

Make use of a common color and design, so you will not lose the line of continuity of the stories.

Do not leave the content that you want to share in your Highlights to drift, define strategic content that allows publicizing the central and necessary issues to be convincing and attractive, whether as a personal or business brand.

EXTRA TIP: I recommend that before starting, internalize everything about how to create an Instagram marketing strategy. Learn to take full advantage of this social network’s potential.

Tools that will help you create an excellent BIO on Instagram

For more convenience I want to share 4 support tools to optimize your Instagram biography:

A perfect tool to customize the link you want to add to your biography. It’s very easy, you just have to add your user and choose the link you want to modify.

A free platform, after registering your account you can add accessible links to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

You can direct your users: articles, web store, events, social events and more.


An app that offers a wide variety of free and paid templates, without counting the diversity of resources (fonts, illustrations, and icons) to create your outstanding story.


It has the necessary resources to design the Highlights, you will find icons, images or the background of the canvas. In fact, you can also use templates and edit them to your liking.

Examples of attractive biographies on Instagram

I want to share examples of biographies of personal accounts and brands that have worked on each element to generate greater impact and visibility.


Each factor that was mentioned to build an attractive biography on Instagram plays an elementary role.

Success is the result of working on the small details, giving the importance that each element deserves. Elements that must be aligned to the fulfillment of a strategic social media plan, proposing strategies and tactics.

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