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Advantages and disadvantages of comments on the blog Google+

Google recently announced that it had available the option of adding comments on your Google+ blogging platform Blogger. In this article we will see how you can add comments in WordPress, but we will also look at the pros and cons of using Google+ comments on our site, to thereby make a decision after being informed.


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The advantages of Google+ in the comments

Facebook today is ahead in the number of active users, however Google+ is not as widely used as Facebook but has a fairly large number of users. Many of these are very interested in their circles and followers, in this way if we add Facebook and Google+ comments on the blog, is a significant advantage to have increased visibility. Often users have the tendency to share their comments posted on the walls or timelines, leading your friends to see our site.

Another advantage is convenience. Most people are when logged into your Google+ account, they do not have to enter your name and email in the comment.

As nearly everyone knows, Google has new plans for social media integration (mainly Google+) in the search rankings. A large number of messages are indexed by Google Google+, which classifies fairly high for the long tail keywords (sometimes long tail). Strategies already exist people who are active and participating actively commenting on Google+, to have a profit in search results with long tail keywords. You share your comments on your profile site where later shown as a State for SEO benefits. Many we know that once we have verified the authorship of Google+ on our website or blog, it helps to see an increase in visits.

Disadvantages of comments Google+

One of the biggest disadvantages of using Google+s comments is that there is no official plugin for WordPress Google right now. This means that some features such as notifications in the comments are not available for users of WordPress. So we would have to manually check all messages to see if there is a new comment.

Most plugins Google+ comments are official, and there is always the risk that Google decides to delete it. It is unlikely but can happen. There are hundreds of WordPress plugins for other products of Google and it seems to still work fine for now, lets hope it stays that way.

Last but not least, some people are not comfortable with registering your profile to that comment. You might want to remain anonymous. One solution to this problem is the addition of the comment system has default WordPress as an alternative.

Include comments in WordPress Google+

The first thing you have to do is install and activate the plugin for WordPress Google+ Comments. After having active plugin, it adds two menu options under the posts in the WordPress admin panel. We go to the plugin configuration.

The plugin for WordPress comments Google+ lets you add comments tabbed area. This means you can have the comments of Google along with other feedback options, such as default WordPress comments, Facebook. You can arrange the order and platforms you want to display. You can also change the label of each tab. Once you’ve finished making the settings do not forget to save your changes.

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