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8 tricks for WhatsApp that you should know and use

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, I am sure that one of the applications that you use the most in your day to day life is WhatsApp. We share some tricks for WhatsApp for you.

It is the most used instant messaging service in the world and the one with the highest number of users. Despite this, one of the main criticisms of  WhatsApp is that its application is very limited compared to other options.

But is this true? Is it really very limited? In front of some competitors, perhaps, but the WhatsApp app hides many “secret” functions with which you can do much more than you think.

Would you like to know some of these secret functions and other WhatsApp tricks? Keep reading to know or who tricks to get much more out of the WhatsApp app on iPhone and Android.

The tricks for WhatsApp

1. Send messages in bold, strikethrough or italicstricks for WhatsApp

Many people turn to unofficial applications to achieve this and in the end, they put their hands to their heads when WhatsApp suspends their account.

It really is not necessary to skip the service rules to write in bold, strikethrough or italics, you just have to follow these instructions to use these writing formats.

Write the word or phrase you want to send with one of these formats and put the following symbols at the beginning and end (without leaving spaces between the first and last letter):

  • Italic script (_ ) for italics
  • Asterisk (* ) for bold
  • Virgilia (~) for strikethrough

An example: to send the phrase WhatsApp Mola in bold you should type * WhatsApp Mola *.

As simple as writing a word or phrase between these symbols, the WhatsApp application will understand that you want to send the text in a different format.

2. Put a personalized tone to each contact

Normally the tone that sounds when you receive a  WhatsApp message is the same for all contacts, but do you know what you can customize and put a different tone for each contact?

Doing this will help you to know who is writing to you without having to look at the screen of the smartphone and so you can quickly attend the most important conversations for you.

To change the tone of a particular contact you must do this:

  1. Open a conversation with the person or group you want to put a custom tone on and touch the name at the top of the screen.
  2. Tap Custom tone and choose a new tone from the list that appears.
  3. Once the tone is selected, touch the Save button in the upper right corner of the screen for the changes to be applied.

Once this is done, all the messages, voice notes or files that you receive from that person will make the new tone sound instead of the one you have set by default for all messages.

3. Search for a message between all conversations

Surely you have been searching for a message without remembering what conversation it is in and you have had to give up.

It’s normal, with the number of groups and individual conversations that you usually have, it’s very difficult to remember exactly where everything is said.

But the WhatsApp app has a search engine capable of searching for a certain word or phrase among all conversations and groups in the chat list. Thanks to this function, locating a specific message is much easier.

To access this search engine all you have to do is open the Chats tab and slide the conversations from top to bottom. As you do so, you will see that a search engine appears just above the buttons for Broadcast Lists and Create Group.

Now you must type in the search engine the words you need to locate and it will show you all the results that you find in all the conversations and groups of your list of chats.

In addition, you can also search in a specific conversation. To do this you must access the conversation, touch on the name and finally choose the option Search chat.

4. Send messages with another typeface

This trick is similar to the first one in the list, with the difference that here the typography will change completely and a different style will not be applied as it happened in the other one.

With this change of typography your messages will stand out above the rest, something especially useful in groups where there is a lot of activity since you will be more visible by differentiating yourself from others.

As in the first trick of the list, to apply this you must write the word or phrase you want between the “modifier”, which in this case is “`, that is, three serious accents.

It would be something like this: “ `this text has another type of letter“`.

5. Send messages to numbers that are not on your agenda

This trick is not directly related to the app, but it is still very useful because it allows you to start a conversation with a person without having to save your phone before in your phone’s calendar.

It is a trick especially useful when you need to send messages to many people, but you know that after that message it will be rare for you to repeat (for example if you work in a store and you have to inform that a reservation is already available), so you do not need to Save your number

To use this trick you have to open Chrome, Safari or any other web browser and in the address bar type:, substituting the X for the phone number to which you want to send the message (if the phone is from another country you should put at the beginning the country code without the +, for example, in the case of a number of Spain you would have to use 34XXXXXXXXX).

When you access the URL, a window will open asking if you want to open WhatsApp. You must say yes and automatically the window of the app with the conversation will open at the telephone number already indicated.

6. Chat on WhatsApp from a computer or tablet

In order to have a WhatsApp account, it is necessary to have a mobile phone number and a smartphone, but do you know what is possible to chat from a computer or tablet using your account?

WhatsApp has a web version that allows this and is very useful, especially if you spend many hours in front of a Mac, PC or tablet in your day today.

To use this function you only have to access and follow the instructions that will show on the screen (basically access Settings – WhatsApp Web and scan the QR code with the iPhone or Android screen ).

Once the session starts, you can chat using your computer keyboard in a much more comfortable way. Of course, you need to have the smartphone at all times on and connected to the Internet, since all communication will continue to be made from the mobile devices.

7. Prevent WhatsApp from saving all the photos and videos on the reel

With the default configuration, WhatsApp stores all the photos and videos that you receive, either in individual conversations or in groups, on the smartphone’s reel.

This can be a problem if you receive many files at the end of the day since many will be memes, jokes or videos of doubtful taste that you probably do not want to mix with your photos.

If you want to prevent this from happening, you only have to access the Configuration – Chats tab and deactivate the Save on the reel option. From that moment the files will no longer be saved alone and you will be the one to decide which ones to keep and which ones do not.

8. Know exactly what time your messages are read

In both individual conversations and in groups it is possible to know the exact moment in which a person reads your messages.

To do this, all you have to do is access the message you want to know when it was read and slide your finger on it from right to left.

By doing this WhatsApp will show you the exact moment in which the message was delivered (received by the other person) and also read.

In the case of groups, you can always know when all members read it and in individual conversations, you can know the data unless the person has the double check disabled.

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