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6 ways to create a free blog fast and easy for all

There are alternatives to Blogspot and WordPress to set up a blog, however. The alternatives there are very good if you want to have a blog to write and publish and forget maintenance, publicity. And problems that derive from managing or getting your blog for any change.

These sites are valid for websites, and even if you think about making a website you may be interested.

Advantages of the platforms that host blogs for free:

Do not worry about your maintenance or updates.

You can publish from your editors that are simple and fast.

You do not need technical knowledge of any kind.

Some are scalable and you can choose to mount up stores within them.

Disadvantages of this type of blogging platforms:

Less customization capacity

Pro payment features.

Small restrictions like storage, file size …

They are not usually good for SEO (usually paid)

There are many free alternatives that offer many features and even some are already integrated into a social platform in which your blog can be promoted, in others you have to make an effort in the promo.

When I wrote “do not change WordPress is a trap” I  thought about the number of people who do not write or leave it because they do not want complications with code, plugins, actualizations … and it is normal to think that not everyone is a technophile and there is to be open to there are solutions that make our lives easier.

It is normal that I can throw away the idea of writing if you think of WP and Blogspot in which the free versions and, as it were, without tuning are very bad, so if you do not want to touch code or be concerned with these web platforms, you They give everything almost done or with very simple editors. Keep reading

# 1 Tumblrcreate a free blog fast

Tumblr was born as a blog platform but with the advantage that you can publish what you want and even a simple photo, Tumblr blogs have a great community behind them and it’s completely free.

If you want more info on how it is used:  What is Tumblr?

It is great for people who do not even reach a 300-word post and have visual content.

# 2 Mediumcreate a free blog fast

Medium is a very important blogging platform of the creators of Twitter, in it, they write from eminences in different fields to normal people, it   is a good platform for those people who write little and would like to reach a specific audience or publicize part of your professional profile

Medium has a very good design, especially for the readers. For that reason of the design and maintenance part you can not worry about it.

It is a good way to create a blog independently and there are even people who use it to promote a blog that already exists, given that it will reach a diverse and different audience than other channels.

An advice looks for some good photos because it is something important to be a space so minimalist highlight a lot.

# 3 Im Creatorcreate a free blog fast

It is a free platform to create a blog in a short time that has very good predesigned templates. And has the option of moving to a payment plan if you need more features.

It is a good alternative for those who want to have a blog or a free and quite nice website. Apart from that it is open source and you can make changes to the code and the pro versions are very cheap. Continue reading- 15 Tips to Earn More with Google AdSense

# 4 Jimdocreate a free blog fast

This platform for blogs within the free ones is my favorite, the free version is very broad and gives plenty to set up a blog, it also has many pretty modern predesigned templates that suit quite what you may like, there is the possibility of making an upgrade to pro for (€ 6.50) that allows you to create aliases in the top option of 15.95 you can create up to store without complicating life much.

If you do not want complications it is a very good option and the price is not that expensive.

# 5 Weeblycreate a free blog fast

Weebly is another very good option, it is the free platforms that have more time has the free version and others that vary from € 4.50 per month.

A part of the templates has a drag and drop site creator very simple and intuitive the best thing that has for my taste that can be used well to edit both on the phone and on the tablet and that’s a point strongly in favor of Weebly.

# 6 Yolacreate a free blog fast

This platform is great, it even gives a little more space and functions in its free option than the rest. Because it allows storage of up to 1 Giga and a blog or 3 websites with the same account.

It has a template editor and is easy to use and also allows to mount shop.

It is not a way to create a well-known blog. But it is very interesting for those people who do not know how their idea is going to evolve.

# There are not all the ways to close a free blog but the ones I like the most

In this list are the free platforms in which you can create a blog, there are more but many are not so good. Others that I like such as the well-known Squarespace have been left out for being paid.

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