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6 social media tips to apply in 2019!

In this context, brands are trying to pull themselves together in very competitive sectors. Moreover, companies are increasingly aware of the importance of an optimal social presence on the web. How to make its place on different networks and offer relevant content to its subscribers? We suggest 6 social media tips to keep in mind when planning your presence on these different channels!

The social media tips to apply in 2019

Keep in mind the notions of trust and transparency

Certainly, people who surf on social media are becoming aware of fake news, which makes them more and more skeptical about the content presented to them by brands. People’s tolerance of false information circulating is becoming smaller and smaller. According to a study by Sprout Social, consumers define the notion of transparency by the level of openness (59%), clarity (53%) and honesty (49%) that brands show. Make sure you consider these concepts in managing your social networks! It is one of the best social media tips to apply in 2019.

If a scandal explodes, set the record straight. As the saying goes so well: a declared fault is half forgiven! Admit your wrongs and explain how you are going to make sure that such a thing does not happen again. Your subscribers will appreciate the authenticity with which you express yourself. Answer bad comments when it comes to a reasonable avenue and be humble in what you say!

If you want the perfect example of non-authenticity on social media, think of the famous Fyre Festival! Instead of making a mea culpa when they realized that they could not deliver a festival up to the expectations of their customers, the organizers put their heads in the sand. Bad comments have multiplied on their Instagram page a few days before the event. Instead of setting the record straight, they began to suppress or ignore the bad comments left behind in their publications. Obviously, it put the ear of festival goers who went to the event: a company that has nothing to hide does act in this way … The rest of the scandal is now part of ‘history!

2. Influencer marketing continues to growsocial media tips

Influencer marketing continues to be a tactic that is widely appreciated by the big brands. Indeed, it is a cheaper tactic than traditional outbound advertising. Web users are not fooled, and they expect influencers in their news feeds, to be honest in including the hashtag #ad in their posts to clarify any ambiguity about collaborating with a brand. As a business, if you collaborate with influencers or micro-influencers, be sure to comply with the various advertising standards in Canada. As we have seen with the Fyre Festival scandal where several influencers did not put ad mention under their publications, savory fines await influencers who decide not to comply … At your own risk!

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3. The content types ephemeral stories experiencing the growing craze

The stories of Instagram experiencing undeniable popularity! According to CNN, in June 2018, Facebook announced that this feature included more than 400 million users each day. People like to watch ephemeral stories because it allows them to be included in the daily lives of the people they follow. As a brand, the challenge is to develop exclusive content that will allow people to enter the daily routine of your business while inspiring them. It is one of the social media tips to apply.

This is the perfect opportunity to broadcast content like behind the scene, by unveiling a sneak peek of your next collections, for example! Anyway, it is a medium allowing you to get in touch with your subscribers in a fleeting way! After 24 hours, the content is no longer visible in the newsfeed, unless you put your stories in the highlight on your profile. It’s up to you to see which option you prefer!

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4. It must prioritize useful content before promotional content

As a brand, it can sometimes be tempting to think about content that will be good for your brand. However, have you thought about sharing content that will be favorable and useful to your subscribers? It can be tips of the moment related to your industry, a practical guide.

For example, if you work in the field of cosmetics, why not create an evening beauty routine guide for your subscribers? This is a good way to help them while highlighting your products. Your community will feel that you really care about their needs and concerns while considering you as an expert in your area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise when offering exclusive advice!

5. The User-generated content is more and more put forward by the brands

The User Generated Content, the content generated by subscribers on social media, is a real gold mine for brands! Indeed, it is content highlighting your products created without having to invest the budget in the creation of it.

In addition, it is content that shows a beautiful authenticity, because it is subscribers who truly appreciate your brand that has created content. To encourage User Generated Content, be sure to highlight an official hashtag on your social networks so that your community knows clearly which name you identify!

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6. Companies must invest efforts in managing customer service at the social level

More and more conversations between brands and consumers via Messenger are launched. Like a website and a phone number, social networks are now a crucial point of contact for brands. If your consumers are dissatisfied with your products and services, they will not hesitate to let you know through a Facebook Messenger conversation.

Make sure you have a dedicated person who will make sure to answer the different requests of your customers. After all, the response rate and deadlines are visible on your page and impact the customer service perception of your brand. Be aware that it is possible to automate some responses to messages sent via Messenger. All in all, keep in mind that people enjoy chatting with a real human being when they are in an awkward situation!

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