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6 amazing Google apps you must have

Android has become a great platform for mobile devices that most people tend to use and everything was possible due to the quality features offered by the operating system. Here are 6 amazing Google apps you must have.

Users will find thousands of apps in the Google Play Store. Each application is organized by categories which help users find the best ones. However, do you know that there are some unique useful applications that Google has created for Android

In this article, we will describe the applications created by Google. These are some of the incredible Google Android apps you’ve never heard.

6 amazing Google apps you’ve never heard

1.DatallyGoogle apps

With the constant updating of the installed applications, each day they become heavier and usually consume more resources, but you can save data by up to 30% with the Google Datally app.

Daily Limits: Place limits per day to use data with notifications when it is about to reach the limit.

Guest mode: It is the assignment of a “quota” to share data with your friends and family.

Information about apps that you use but that consume data in the background.

Wifi Map: See the Wi-Fi access points on a map to get closer to the nearest and connect.

Block Apps to use mobile data.

It shows graphs and detailed information on consumption.

History and consumption trends.

It is one of the Google apps you must have.

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2.WallpapersGoogle apps

This is an official application of Google wallpapers that brings a collection of wallpapers, ranging from art to texture. This application has an exciting collection called Earth, where users can find satellite images of the planet Earth. The wallpapers can be set to change daily. Keep reading- 15 Tips to Earn More with Google AdSense

3.PhotoScanGoogle apps

PhotoScan is a new Google Photos scanner application that allows you to scan and save your favorite printed photos with your phone’s camera. The application scans combine and improve the photo. The application uses artificial intelligence to calibrate colors and eliminate glare.

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4.Google TripsGoogle apps

It makes it easier for you to explore the world by organizing your essential information in one place and making it available even without a connection. Get suggestions for activities based on what’s nearby, customizable day plans and your travel reservations from Gmail.

5.Google Fitgoogle apps

When this application was launched, it was assumed that Google Fit could come pre-installed on all Android devices. However, the application never reached the Android smartphones. This application keeps track of your activity in the background. Google Fit can count your steps or how many minutes it was active in a day. It is one of the Google apps you must have.

6.Google Opinion RewardsGoogle apps

This is another Google application that allows users to earn money. Users just have to respond to quick surveys and get credits from Google Play with Google Opinion Rewards. Users can use Google Play Credit to buy apps, games, movies and more. It is one of the Google apps you must have.

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