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5 gadgets compatible with Google Home that you can buy now

Google Home is now available in Spain, as well as a series of compatible devices with this smart speaker. They are gadgets that you can control remotely with voice commands. We share some gadgets compatible with Google Home that you can buy now.

These devices compatible with Google Home are available in several stores, such as Amazon. They are not expensive, although in some cases they are expensive because they come directly from Google.

All these gadgets for Google Home help you control and configure your Smart Home or Connected Home, a perspective of the future for a few years that seems finally to be here.

Google WiFicompatible with Google Home

This router or router system with WiFi Mesh is perfect for large houses and spaces where there are usually dead zones. We have tested it and we can guarantee its operation, especially the extreme ease when it comes to configuring it.

Smart plugcompatible with Google Home

Fortunately, there are many smart plugins compatible with Google Home on the Internet. Their prices vary, although as a rule, they remain within fairly affordable ranges. It is one of the gadgets compatible with Google Home.

These plugs are especially useful if you want to connect or disconnect from the power grid any device that you have at home remotely.

RGB bulbs with WiFicompatible with Google Home

Among the gadgets compatible with Google Home that most abound, in addition to the plugs, are the bulbs. There are all kinds and prices, although perhaps the most outstanding is the Philips Hue.  It is one of the best gadgets compatible with Google Home.

However, there are other packs of WiFi bulbs with RGB lighting that you can buy at a lower price.

Motion sensor connectedcompatible with Google Home

The natural evolution of smart bulbs and sockets is this: a motion sensor that you can control from Google Home, both from the smart speaker and from your mobile application.

The moment they detect your presence in a room, they turn on the light.

Humidifier and essence diffusercompatible with Google Home

If you like to keep the atmosphere at home with the right humidity and a good smell, a humidifier with essences diffuser is perfect for you. If you can also control it with voice commands, even better.

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