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5 common computer problems in the SME

The SMEs often face again and again to the same computer problems. When a computer incident is repeated a lot, there is always a strong reason behind it and it is usually related to the lack of prevention and the behavior or habits of the users.

In this post, we want to summarize some of those common computer problems that are repeated again and again in the small business and before which you should take measures to reduce your costs in computer repairs.

computer problems in the SME

Typical computer problems that occur in the SME

There are many and varied computer problems in small businesses. As the knowledge of computers is lower, these problems are also increasing.

Hence the importance of being able to contact a computer company that deals with tasks that you can not deal with right now. These are some of the most common computer problems that occur in small businesses.

1. Failure to update computers

The lack of updating of computers is a problem in itself. Something that leads to the emergence of many vulnerabilities that have not been resolved.

When we work with outdated or outdated technology, the chances of a computer virus coming in or a hacker taking advantage of those weaknesses are much higher.

It is essential that you update your operating system and that you take the necessary security measures to work comfortably and without risks for your security.

2. Problems with RAM

Companies with older computers are those that usually have more problems with RAM. Also among those who use old portable devices.

The fact of installing a large number of programs, or even having possible Trojans installed and not knowing it, can make the performance of our RAM very low. When our computers have problems with RAM, it may be because we have installed more programs than necessary, or because we are using an insufficient computer system for the type of programs we want to work with.

Sometimes the solution will be to add more RAM, but experience tells us that many times the problem is solved only by optimizing the resources we use. And is that many companies really do not know what they have installed on their computers.

3. An absence of a computer network

This is a very serious logistical problem that leads to a lot of inconveniences. The information is separated and the computers cannot communicate with each other by a cable, only by Internet. The most problematic of this is the fact that, for each software that we want to install or each peripheral device that we need, we will have to install them one by one.

That is to say, the ideal thing in the company is that our printer is connected in a network with the diverse computer systems. In this way, you can print from any terminal, without having to transfer the files to the computer that is connected to the printer.

Creating a wired computer network is also a measure of aesthetic nature, which will prevent multiple cables in sight in your offices, with the inconvenience and the deterioration that can mean for your computer system.

4. Computer viruses and security problems

Apart from the computer problems arising from the lack of updating of operating systems, computer viruses are the order of the day. Especially in computers that work with a Windows operating system, computer incidents, for this reason, are often very numerous.

In fact, many SMEs do not go to a computer company until they realize they have had a security problem. This is something that could be prevented, installing the convenient antivirus, or using a less vulnerable operating system.

5. Loss of data

The loss of data and information is also a common problem in the SME. And it is not until this moment when many companies begin to take seriously the need to make backup copies. The lack of backups leads many businesses to become aware of the great economic and legal danger of working without a good backup system.

Over time, small businesses have become more sensitive to computer security issues, so they can sometimes contact us to see how to recover lost data, or how to implement security systems that help protect your information.

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