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The 5 best free tools for SEO 2018

Achieving a good positioning of a website in the search engines is nothing short of an art. A wide range of factors must be precisely combined. Keep in mind that Google changes its algorithm once or twice every day. So having all the variables in mind is sometimes complicated. Here are the best free tools for SEO.

Luckily for SEO consultants, there is a wide range of free tools for SEO on the web. Platforms that allow organic positioning strategies in the network to be much simpler to define. Today we have compiled the 6 most recommended free tools for SEO 2018.

Google Analyticsfree tools

Google Analytics is a mandatory tool for any website. A completely free platform that provides a wide range of information to define and/or optimize the SEO strategy.

On the one hand, information about the audience, the users of the website in question: demographic data, interests, behavior, geographic information … On the other hand, information of great value for any website: page views, exit pages, time that users have passed on each page … 100% recommended! It is one of the best free tools for SEO. Continue Reading- Types of content to attract traffic to your business website

Screaming Frogfree tools

Another free SEO tool that we recommend using this 2017 to optimize the organic positioning strategy in search engines of its website. Provides relevant data on SEO On Site: broken links, duplicate content, number of tags, indexing errors, the status of meta-tags, file sizes …

One of its biggest attractions is that it has a tool to easily create robots.txt files; a guide so that search engine robots find it easier to track the website in question.

SEO Browserfree tools

An indispensable tool for SEO consultants. It is very useful because it allows you to see the website exactly as a Google robot sees it; that is, only text. The organic positioning in search engines depends largely on the tracking of the same by the robots of the same, in this case, Google, so it is an SEO free tool that we consider essential. In addition, it is completely free. It is one of the best free tools for SEO.

Copyscapefree tools

Google is fighting a tough battle against duplicate content. The most popular search engine in the world penalizes a lot those websites and blog design that contain duplicate content. Copyscape is a tool that detects this type of content.

Google Keyword Planner

When it comes to achieving a good organic positioning in search engines of a website, keywords are a key factor to be taken into account. Google allows us to make the task of finding the most appropriate keywords for a certain website easier. It is one of the best free tools for SEO.

It offers us in a matter of seconds dozens of keywords for a certain topic, as well as the competition between them and the number of local and global monthly searches.

As we have pointed out, keywords are important in positioning, as long as they are applied in their proper measure. The most important thing is that any text is written in a natural way, that it does not sound forced and, above all, the context must be taken into account.

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