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4 Tips to create strong passwords

The Internet does not have only advantages. The growth of computer attacks increases every day. Despite this, there is a high percentage that indicates that the same users and owners of passwords are the culprits for using passwords easy to hack into services that manage a good part of their lives. There are some tips to create strong passwords that you should know to avoid the theft of private data such as keys and personal information.

4 Tips to create strong passwords

Many characterscreate strong passwords

When you create a password, many times the first thing you think about is placing something easy to avoid forgetting it. However, that is not the best decision.

To create a secure password you must stop laziness and establish a password that will help you repel hackers, since that is what you are looking for, right? Basically, your password should be made up of many characters. Twelve characters are the minimum to enjoy good security.

Do not use personal data and mix the symbols

Forget about bad habits. Learn that creating a secure password should stop doing bad tricks like using personal data in your password (place and date of birth) or common words that identify you and are easy to guess.

Instead, it mixes numbers, letters, capital letters, lowercase letters, and even symbols. This will give you stronger passwords.

Methods to remember

If you are forgetful, to create a secure password you must find an easy method to remember it.

A trick is to choose a phrase that you like, that you know you will never forget. And write the first letter of each word, alternating between uppercase and lowercase. If you manage to do it this way, you will avoid writing it down on a piece of paper that if it is lost or stolen, could be easy to hack.

Do not use repeated passwords

Finally, do not use the same password on all websites or platforms. As safe as this is, if it is stolen you will give the possibility to hackers to enter easily in all your networks. And steal your private data and … how unfortunate it would be, do not you think?

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