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15 Tips to Earn More with Google AdSense

Google Adsense is known worldwide as the best AdNetwork. This service from Google, allows all Bloggers to generate revenue by publishing ads that companies buy through Google Adwords.

Adsense, being the best AdNetwork, has allowed many A-List Bloggers to generate millions of Dollars in monthly income, and thus has gained the popularity it possesses.

This network works based on text ads or images shown according to the context. In which, it selects and only shows the ads that lead the auction carried out.

Earn more with Google Adsense, money, millionaire blogger. The income generated by Adsense is proportional to the number of visits that the website has, therefore, for the majority of new Bloggers that implement them. It can be a real achievement to achieve a considerable income.

Therefore, I present 30 Tips that will help you increase your earnings through Adsense, they will serve you a lot. These tips are applicable for both: new and old Blogs.

These tips touch very different aspects, which are ignored by most Bloggers, among which we have: SEO, Design, Structuring and Standards. You may also like

1- Always follow the Rules

Google AdSense

If you were the King of a great empire with millions of subjects, surely you would establish rules that must be fulfilled, and if someone of your subjects does not follow them, it would undoubtedly bother you a lot.

So it is with Google, let’s face it, Google is the King of the Web. Therefore, you must strive to follow all the rules and guidelines established in your Terms of Services, if you do not want to be penalized or that your account is closed.

2- Keep your Visible Ads, Always!

Google AdSense

It is inconceivable that you have high expectations of Earning Money if your ads are not visible. Your readers will not be able to click if they do not recognize the ads.

Make sure that your Ads are in visible places and that it is easy to recognize what they are.

3- Analyze the niche of your Blog

Google AdSense

Having a Blog about the niche “Hand clocks” will not be the same as having a Blog about “Marketing”. When selecting a niche you should consider:

How saturated is the web with Blogs from the same niche

Number of people interested in that niche

Number of articles that you can write related to the niche

These factors, may seem to you little related to Adsense, but in fact, they have the great effect on your income:

If the Network is very saturated with Blogs on the same niche, it will be more difficult for you to obtain a considerable amount of traffic. The more traffic you get, the more you’ll earn with Adsense.

If there are very few people interested in that niche, so will the companies. Since there are not many companies interested in advertising before the search criteria, they will not have competition when competing in the auction that Adsense performs, and therefore, having no competition, the ads will be displayed in your Blog will not be the best paid.

You must select a broad niche, from which you can write hundreds or even thousands of articles. For example, if you visit the pure marketing site, you will see that daily they publish large quantities of articles, which allow them to position themselves as a Referrer in the world of Marketing.

4- Find the right Keywords

Google AdSense

If you have a Blog about Curiosities, it will never be the same that you publish an article about “Why it rains”, to publish an article about “Interesting facts about Facebook”.

In the Article on Facebook surely Adsense will show better-paid ads, on Facebook.  It is very important for Google AdSense.

On the other hand, in the article on “Why it rains”, surely, the ads that Adsense shows will be off-topic and less likely to get clicks. Continue reading- 5 Seo Tips To Position A Web Page

5- Strive to have good positioning (SEO)

The SEO is important by many factors, but this time we will see the 2 main factors that have the great impact on Adsense:

Adsense displays contextual ads but also takes the search criteria used to enter the site, such as targeting ads.

Making them more relevant and interesting, being more likely to receive clicks.

According to the Positioning that you have in Google, this will be the number of visits you will get. It is very important for Google AdSense.

6- Location of Ads is Vital

Google AdSense

Place your ads always at the top of the page, usually in the header (header), top sidebar, before the article or immersed in it. In the case of articles of more than 1,200 words. You can also place a skyscraper in the middle or lower part of your sidebar.

7- Change the location frequently

It is always advisable to experiment with the location of your ads, it is the only way to know the perfect location for them, in which you can generate more clicks.

8- Use the effective Announcements

Google AdSense

It is proven that image ads (static and animated) have a higher CTR (ratio of clicks) than text ads.

But it is also advisable to use mixed ad units (text and images), so Adsense will display text ads, only when they are better paid than the image ads available.

9- Stick to the AdSense format

Google AdSense

AdSense has a specific format, by which your ads are recognized. It is important that you do not try to vary the format much so that your readers recognize that they are Adsense ads.

10- Do not use edges

It is proven that when placing borders on Adsense ads, the CTR decreases. It is best not to interfere with the standard Adsense design, which does not include borders.

11- Customize the ads

It is recommended that you personalize the ads, modifying the background colors, links, and text. This way you can harmonize them with the design of your Website. It will allow you to increase your CTR.

12- Use Adsense for Feeds

If you have a large number of subscribers to your Feed, you can use that Adsense mode. This way you can also obtain profits from readings made on external sites (Feeds readers).

13- Your Visitors should be your priority

Never forget that thanks to your readers you have won and you will earn money. Without customers, any business is a failure.

By taking this into account, you should strive to pamper your audience by providing them with the best content you can create, helping them solve and solve their problems, needs and/or desires.

14- Learn to deal with Ads that pay little

Before explaining this point, you should know that Google Adsense uses an auction system to select the ads to display on a website. in which advertisers who have previously made the highest bet for certain keywords win.

Google Adsense, when using auctions, also allows through the official extension of Adsense for publishers, block those advertisers who “pay little”.

This leads many Bloggers to make the mistake, to block advertisers who “pay little” when in reality those are the ones who pay more. Because if Adsense shows them on their site. It means that they were the winners of the auction for the keywords to which your page is oriented.

If you block those ads, it means that Adsense will show ads that will pay even less. Because you have blocked the advertiser who paid the most for certain keywords.

15- Reduces the percentage of Bouncing

When a visitor enters your site you can see X number of ads on the page. But if you read 3 articles from the same site, you will see the Triple of ads, having you more likely to generate more revenue.

How to reduce the rebound percentage?

You must create quality content, add internal links, place recommended articles at the end of your posts. Place the widget “Recent articles” in your Sidebar, among others. Only in this way will you be able to retain more of your visitors and generate more page views.

Interesting advice, right?

Only by applying these tips can you increase your CTR and above all, not harm your Blog and Readers. All this, without breaking any rule. Later I will publish the second part, in which we will see 15 more advanced tips on Google Adsense.

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