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13 steps we must take before posting an article

How often we will publish an article and discovered that we have forgotten to correct some of the typical mistakes that often occur. For example, that a link is broken, we have misused keywords, or the post title is not optimized.

As you can see there are many aspects that we need to check before you press the publish button, and most forget about these details. For this reason we will create a list of the most important things to check before publishing an article. We will see that this list is useful for large items we publish periodically.

We then see a list of all these aspects …

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1. Have we read the text after finishing the article?

This is a matter of common sense, but most people do not read what you just wrote before posting. This is certainly a big mistake, because in many cases can be confusing content or paragraphs in. Keep in mind if everything fits and makes sense

So, before continuing, it is advisable to have routinely read the whole article a few times before moving on to other issues.

2. Does the article as much information as possible?

If our desire is to generate all the traffic possible and be more likely to be linked to from other sites, it is important that the item is as complete as possible. After completing the first point, we can evaluate whether it is possible to add further explanations and sections.

For example you could write an analysis of some tool, and our approach to the characteristics of it. What are the steps to follow to use the tool correctly? Is it compatible with other similar tools? The same questions we ask we can include in the article, and that the message has more value to readers.

3. Should I investigate keywords?

It is interesting to follow the rules of the keywords in search engines. If we want to increase traffic must use the same words used by most people in search engines. Thus we make the message easy to understand, and help you optimize search engines.

Tools like Google AdWords can help us in this regard. Not always large search volumes for a particular keyword means more visits, as there is also more competition. Seeks to balance both.

4. Just as important is the title of an article?

Its title is certainly one of the most important aspects to consider. Even more than the message body, as if the title does not attract attention of people are not going to get to read the article.

The first thing to do is make sure that the title has an emotional hook. To do this must arouse the reader emotion offering something of great value. For example, 50 Photoshop tricks to impress your friends, or otherwise get the readers curiosity by making an unusual statement. For example, 10 things we learned from Lady Gaga to sell online.

The second thing to consider is to use keywords in the title of the article, to help with optimizing search engines.

5. Is that correct?

We know that we read all the text to ensure that all makes sense. But again we must read to correct the content.

This time we will focus on detecting errors in grammar and spelling. Are some tricks you can use for this:

Reads the contents upside down.
Read aloud.

They will allow you to focus on each word, and will be easier to find possible errors.

6. Should I link my old posts to new article?

Have the habit of linking the old entries in the new in a practice that helps both readers and search bots. Readers serves to explore between your files, find related content or expand the information of the article. A search robot helps you track your site more efficiently, and also helps to better understand your content through the anchor text.

Search related entries before publishing an article and then link inside.

7. Should we link content of external sites in mine?

Be not afraid of linking websites find the net. We will not lose PageRank by doing this and we will not lose readers.

When we have a solid content, you can only enrich showing links to external resources that have relevant information. If we are writing about a particular software includes a link to the web thereof. When a term that readers can not understand is included, you can add a link to Wikipedia for the corresponding term.

8. Do I have to review all the links?

For a link breaks it is only necessary to leave behind a letter, a point or add a header over. If you write I the link is not going to work. Also if you type http: // http: // will as a broken link. Proper site navigation is very important for the user. If visitors enter a link can become very frustrating and detrimental positioning.

Be the habit of using function preview before publishing an article. Check all the links so they are in perfect condition and come to the right place.

9. Should I link the source I have used?

If inspiration for your article has come from another site, you need to add a link. Likewise if you used information that you found on another website or blog in particular, be sure to mention and link it. With this reward to the original author and information will also be of interest to our readers where they can track the source of such information.

10. Do I include a picture?

There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Adding images in an article is a good way to attract visitors to read the article. The images are also found by the search engines and can bring some traffic to your site.

11. Is it possible to optimize the links?

Almost all content management and editing software lets you edit the permalinks of the articles we publish. It is advisable to use this option for the URL is concise and contain the main keywords.

Besides having a cleaner bond, also it helps optimize the search engines and increase traffic coming from these.

12. Do I have to add elements to engage readers?

Most people who have a blog try to build a community around it. The participation of readers with the content of the blog is one of the best strategies to achieve this.

To increase participation can ask a question at the end of the article, include a survey or make a call to action.

13. Is it a good day to get traffic?

Although we have made a masterpiece, we will not get the desired if we publish a Sunday for example result. The best days for traffic usually the first day of the week. Therefore it is necessary to make analysis of the best days of traffic to your blog, and be sure which are the best days to publish an article.

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