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10 SEO best practices for 2019

2018 is coming to an end and will soon come the time for good resolutions for 2019! Among these, to make a point on the SEO best practices to improve your SEO to set up for your site from 2019.

To be properly positioned in Google when a user performs a search, one must do “SEO optimization” or Search Engine Optimization. Optimizing your site for Google goes through three major themes: seeing a technically well-structured site, ensuring quality and well-organized content and finally bring notoriety to its site and its brand.

Optimize your source code, SEO best practicesSEO best practices

Start by analyzing your loading speed with tools like GTMetrix, PageSpeed, YSlow or WebPageTest. Google wants sites that load fast, very fast. These sites will identify for you the main points of blockages and help you solve them.

Optimize your images for SEO best practices

Putting images at the right size and compressed for the web is the simplest factor you can play on. Tools like SmushIT, and dozens of others offer a powerful, free algorithm and often a WordPress plugin that will allow you to offer images at the required display size and compressed to load faster.

Less content to download = faster view. This will also impact your bounce rateSEO best practices

To go further, think about changing the name of your photos. Image1.jpg does not speak while Image-Name-Startup-Geniale.jpg will have an impact on Google Image searches. Banish the special characters and also think to inform the Alt tags and description of your images. It is one of the SEO best practices.

At the file format level, the JPG is at the moment the one that allows the best compression compared to the quality of the display. Google pushes the WebP while Apple introduced the HEIC with MacOS High Sierra and iOS11. These two formats will probably be warring as in the era of DVD-HD and BluRay but in the meantime, neither is universal. It is therefore urgent to wait before converting all his photos to one format or the other!

Ban Flash, compress CSS and JS

If it’s not done yet, it’s time to remove Flash from your site. This Adobe proprietary format is outdated, or even completely dead. HTML 5 and CSS 3 can work miracles with code that will be compatible with most browsers, mobile as desktop. The problem, the multiplication of effects, trackers and other scripts tends to weigh down the pages of our sites, so it is important to minimize (understand compress) and consolidate all this code in one file.

In this way, your browser will load only one file for scripts and one for the style sheet, which will also be lighter.

In addition, by limiting the number of calls to URLs, loading time is also reduced and rendering faster. This last statement is however to temper since the appearance of Chrome 64 which allows to “parallelize” downloads.

Use Google Webmaster Tools and Google AnalyticsSEO best practices

These two tools provided by Google will allow you to detect what is wrong with your site, the technical side, and the other content side. It is therefore important to install them as soon as your site is created to collect as much data as possible and react as quickly as possible. It is one of the SEO best practices.

Build your site for Google and your visitorsSEO best practices

Google is every year a little smarter. In the past, it was possible to optimize your site to the point that it was perfect for Google but totally illegible for a human. Now, Google’s algorithms are sufficiently advanced to detect whether the user experience (UX) is pleasant and consistent with the site it visits. This will have an impact on the SEO of your pages which will be granted a bonus by the search engine.

To optimize the user experience, you have to ask yourself if the navigation is easy, the contact page or the phone number easily found, your call to action clearly identified, etc …  Although quite suggestive, the design and association colors also respond to – if not standards – at least modes. Follow them to stay on the agenda with both your clients and the Mountain View firm.

My site is technically optimized, how to produce quality content?

Now that your site meets the requirements of speed and technical quality, it must be filled with relevant unique content and quality. It’s thanks to the content and keywords that will be included that your articles will appear in the search results. So, you must start by identifying the keywords that are both searched for and relevant in your positioning.

Aim for the long tail at firstSEO best practices

The long tail represents research results that include several words, such as “computer store in Montpellier”. These queries are therefore less competitive and by definition, it will, therefore, be easier to position themselves on the query “computer store” It is one of the SEO best practices.

It is therefore important to aim for this type of research because your site will thus gain in indexed pages, it is particularly relevant content and therefore with a significant visit time and you can multiply the possible access to your site. In short, it’s a great “walk in the door” that will then allow you to go tease your competitors on more general queries. Note also that the long tail is particularly conducive to voice referencing (see next point), which will give you an additional advantage.

Prioritize your content, like at school

First, it is important to prioritize its content to fill in the tags H1, H2, H3 … As when you write the plan for your dissertation at the Lycée! The markup of the titles in your HTML indicates to Google the key elements of your page and at the same time the keywords on which you want to insist. No need, however, to over-optimize this content, the artificial intelligence of the engine is regularly enriched to interpret what is written. The use of synonym is therefore clearly recommended to repeat the same thing in a different way while remaining pleasant to read.

Produce regular content and go crescendo

There is no point pushing 3000 contents at once, Google could identify this as SPAM. It is better to take your time and regularly write articles that belong to you and bring new thinking to a subject. In the context of e-commerce, it is more subtle since the description of a competitive product will remain the same, whatever the site … It’s up to you to be original and to bring more details, videos or videos. other things that your competitors will not have.

Optimize your content for Vocal SEOSEO best practices

With the arrival of voice assistants such as Google Home, Siri or Alexa, voice referencing will surely gain importance in the years to come. To optimize your search results, you have to ask the question like a “classic” user. For example, this one could say: “OK Google, since when does the site exist? ”

What the search engine will prefer to respond with the year of creation of the site that it would find in the tags provided for this purpose than to answer “Continue on your computer to access the site “. Of course, depending on the relevance of this type of research in relation to your content, it will be necessary to bring more or less interest to voice referencing.

The hard part: getting backlinksSEO best practices

Backlinks are links that point to your site. These are particularly difficult to obtain because they require a third-party site to talk about you and that site creates a link to your site that is optimized and asks Google to take it into consideration. In short, getting backlinks is the most expensive thing in terms of SEO. Some tips to get out of it:

Be generous

The “Guest Blogging” is probably the most effective in terms of quality/price to get a good quality backlink. The principle is simple: in exchange for writing quality content on the site of an influential blogger in your area of activity, it agrees to make an optimized link to your site.

This technique is not reprimandable by Google, which prohibits any form of link purchase. In addition, the law requires sites to display an article is sponsored or not to avoid disguised advertising. To give the floor to a confrere or a specialist of a specific field is however only an exchange of good processes. In the same vein, you can contact a company whose products and services it sells to a company that offers you to exchange a good review with a link on its homepage or the product you are using.

ImagineSEO best practices

Games contests, quizzes, infographics, and free downloadable content are great ways to request a share on social networks or a link to its site in exchange for the use of goodies. Among these examples, sites that allow free download icons for its site require in return a link to them. It is one of the SEO best practices.

Why not also ask your active employees on forums in your theme to change their signature to add a link to your site or publish “on your behalf”? The important thing is to have a maximum of links and varied origins. Any relevant link is good to take!

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